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Why the Nokia 3310 is the festival phone of choice

Kate Lloyd

You've probably already heard that the classic Nokia 3310 phone is coming back this year. But what's really exciting is that Nokia reckon it will be on sale somewhere between April and June – meaning just in time for festival season.

We predict the phone will be a massive hit for anyone wanting to find lost mates and hook up with potential dates without having to search for a plug and a charger in a field. Here are five reasons why we think it will become more ubiquitous than onesies at this summer’s festivals.

1. Its got XXL battery power.

iPhones weren’t made for festivals. They were made for unplugging from your charger at home, using for an hour, then plugging into your work computer: six hours in a field and they’re at 20 percent battery. The Nokia promises 22 hours of talk-time. Unless you’re planning to call your nan for your annual catch up at some point over the weekend, it will hopefully last you the whole damn event.

2. It’s got a camera.

While battery power probably isn’t that exciting to anyone who already as an OG Nokia 3310 as a festival burner, the new version has a camera so you’ll actually be able to take pictures of things. That’s either a pro or a con depending on how drunk you are.

3. It’s going to cost £41.

This is good for two reasons. The first: that’s the same price as some portable chargers, or about four charges at one of those stations they have at festivals now, meaning it's not going to add too much to your festival spend. The second: whereas losing your £400 smartphone is a massive worry, if you lose this one it’s not going to be too big a disaster. Unless you’re lost too.

4. It comes in Warm Red and Yellow.

Making it harder to lose in the dark. It’s also got proper buttons, making it easier to type when you’re drunk.

5. It’s still got Snake!

The perfect activity for when you wake up three hours earlier than your mates because the tent is burning hot.

Okay, now plan the rest of your festival summer with our 2017 guide here.


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