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World's first show home for life on Mars goes on display in London

Written by
kyra hanson

As humans increasingly screw up the planet we inhabit, eloping to Mars is starting to look like not such a bad idea after all. And advances in science mean it could actually be a reality in the not too distant future. Now you can see a prototype of the living arrangements for the first colonisers to the red planet. 

Designed by actual astronomers at the observatory and Stephen Petranek, author of 'How We'll Live On Mars' the igloo-like pod has been set up in a Martian-like landscape at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. But don't expect luxury living, the pod has just enough room for a bed and computer with space to grow plants and exercise.

According to Petranek, people could be on Mars in just two decades from now. He told Reuters the structure 'will make oxygen for people to breathe and it will supply its own water by sucking in the Martian atmosphere, which is about 100% humid most nights, and pull out water through a very simple dehumidifier mechanism. You'll have a 3D printer which will make almost everything that you need.'

The Mars show home is on display at the Royal Observatory Greenwich until Nov 16 and coincides with the National Geographic's new series Mars

Photo: National Geographic/ Twitter

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