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You can now buy jars of Shoreditch air for £20

Isabelle Aron

Considering London managed to breach its annual pollution limits in the first week of the year, this is not exactly a city known for its high quality air. But that's not stopping a new company called Shoreditch Air bottling up the stuff and selling it for £19.99 a pop. Yes, really. And it gets worse. You can choose the Shoreditch AM edition, which apparently 'contains the notes of the night before, over-priced American cereal and regret'. Or if you want a taste of east London nightlife without actually going there, you can opt for the PM edition, which smells of 'rolled tobacco cigarette, pseudo-philosophy and hemp brewed beer'.

But if Shoreditch ain't your thing, they've also got jars of Croydon and Brixton air, and the website says that more areas are coming soon. Thank god. So if you want to get your hands on some smoggy Oxford Circus air, hopefully your dreams will soon become a reality. Alternatively, you could just walk down any street in London, get a good whiff of the (not so fresh) air and then spend that £20 quid in the pub.

Want ways to waste more money? Uber charged a passenger £102 for a 20-mile detour around London

This app tells you how unsafe London's pollution levels are.

NB. Today is the last day of March aka the day before the first day of April aka April Fool's Day...


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