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You can now find out what your Uber rating is

Isabelle Aron

Up until now, your Uber rating has been an elusive and unknown entity, unless you've befriended your driver and managed to coax it out of them. But now, probably because they're sick of people asking them, Uber have added a feature that means you can find out your average rating with a few quick clicks. Once you've opened up the app and waited what feels like an eternity for it to load, click the side menu and go to 'help', then 'account' and scroll down to click 'I'd like to know my rating'. You can also access it on desktop here.

Once you've done that, you should get the email with your feedback fairly quickly but we were kept waiting for a seriously tense hour during which we definitely didn't keep anxiously checking our inbox. When the email does eventually come through, it's fairly short and sweet - they'll thank you for 'reaching out' and give you your average rating score. Not to brag, but as you can see, it is possible to score a flawless 5/5:

If you're disappointed and looking to give your rating a boost, Uber wrote a blog post last year about how their feedback works, which mentions being aggressive, violent, or disrespectful as reasons that riders might get a bad rating. But really, unless you're a total dick or have a bad habit of throwing up in every Uber you step foot in, we're guessing most people are somewhere in the region of four and upwards. And if you're not...well, try harder guys.

Now get in there quickly and check your rating before Uber realise what a serious can of worms they've opened with this and take it all back.

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