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You can now get rid of old coins and foreign money at tube stations

Isabelle Aron

At last! Someone's found a use for that jar of 'miscellaneous' money you've got that's filled with random foreign currencies and a load of rusty old coppers which are rapidly collecting dust. Money exchange start-up Fourex has teamed up with TfL to launch its new currency machines in tube stations, which let you get rid of foreign notes and coins, as well as local small change. And if you've been hoarding old pre-Euro coins and notes just in case, those old relics are finally going to come in handy as the machines also accepts out-of-circulation currencies.

The machines will exchange money from over 150 currencies with no fee or commission and you can get your cash back in pounds, euros or dollars. The first machine launches at King's Cross on October 26, followed by Blackfriars and Canary Wharf stations in November. Sure, pooling all your old coins isn't exactly going to make you a millionaire but at the very least you'll be able to buy that extra pint.

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