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You can now tag people in your group WhatsApp chat to get their attention

Isabelle Aron

Remember the outcry when WhatsApp introduced the dreaded blue tick, meaning you could no longer stealthily ignore people? Well, that's nothing compared to the new feature they've just launched. You can now tag your friends in a group chat message and they'll get a notification even if they've muted the conversation, which pretty much makes it impossible to ignore anyone ever again. Thanks a lot, WhatsApp. 

If you're in a group chat and start a message with the @ symbol, it will now bring up a list of people in the chat, and you can then tag a friend (or multiple friends) to get their attention. Clearly, the folks at WhatsApp really don't want you to ignore your pals/ever get any work done.

You can also quote a particular message from a group chat, so if the conversation has moved on, you can respond directly to a message further up. Although good luck missing anything on your group chats now that your friends can constantly tag until you finally respond to their 'important' cat memes.

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