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You can now virtually retrace your every step through Google Maps' Your Timeline

Isabelle Aron

Whether your memory is a bit hazy on where exactly that bar was on Saturday night or you've dropped your Oyster card and need to retrace your steps, you can now stalk your every move through a new Google Maps feature called Your Timeline. It's both creepy and potentially kind of handy.

The feature is currently being rolled out for Android users and on desktop. Android-users will find Your Timeline on the side menu in Google Maps, under 'my places'. If you're using it on desktop, click here to stalk yourself silly. If you've opted in to share your location history with Google, you'll be able to view your movements by date, month, year or your ENTIRE LIFE (at least, for as long as Google has been quietly tracking it). 

If you're using Google Photos, your geotagged pics will also show up on Your Timeline to add another dimension of creepiness or harmless nostalgia, depending on your viewpoint. It also shows your 'most visited' places, so you can find out whether you really do spend more time in the pub than anywhere else.

If this is all sounding bit 1984 to you, it's worth noting that Your Timeline isn't public, so only you can see it. Well, apart from the folks at Google. But then, they know everything already, don't they?

Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to see where we were hanging out circa 2010.

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