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Muswell Hill
Flickr / Brian Flanagan

You know you grew up in Muswell Hill when...

Written by
Alex Foch

Ah, Muswell Hill. The leafy, latté-liberal enclave that has managed to retain a village-like feel partly due to its distance from a tube station. Even though the last few years has seen a high-street makeover and an influx of Yummy Mummies, you know you grew up in Muswell Hill when...  

...there’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly ground coffee outside W Martyn. 


A photo posted by Sasha Fox (@sashafox90) on fell in love with reading at the Children’s Bookshop, getting toys at Fagin’s Toys and going to the Phoenix kids’ club in East Finchley. 


A photo posted by @thelondonmummyreview on


...the owner of the New Century barbers has been with you at every stage of your life. You still cling to the hope of getting your picture put up in the shop window.


A photo posted by Ellen Graham (@theboycaleb20) on take some of the most underrated greenery in London for granted. This includes Highgate Wood (despite the sky-high café prices), Parkland Walk, Alexandra Park and Cherry Tree Wood. 


A photo posted by Sarra Manning (@sarra_manning) on feel that the restaurant scene has finally upped its game after years of dreariness. Nowhere is this more apparent than Kennedy Chicken metamorphosing into a Franco Manca. Bring on Bodean’s.


A photo posted by Caroline (@travel_mate_worldwide) on are still amazed that a restaurant with the calibre of Chriskitch opened up on Tetherdown, let alone in Muswell Hill.


A photo posted by Chris Honor (@chriskitchfood) on always forget just how hot Toff’s fish and chips are until they scald the roof of your mouth.


A photo posted by @allyoucaneatpress on the event that London is ever subject to chemical warfare, Jenny’s will still be standing, still rolling out the chocolate milkshakes. bemoan the decision not to extend the Northern line here when you’re curtly woken up by the bus driver at North Finchley bus station at 5am. believe that the only thing sacrilegious about the O’Neill’s church pub is that it closes at midnight. remember that time you got into Club N10 after years of anticipation. Never again. Give me a pint and a newspaper in the John Baird.


A photo posted by John Baird (@johnbairdn10) on were genuinely ecstatic when Wetherspoon’s returned to Muswell Hill. It went some way to healing the scars of Supersave closing down.


A photo posted by Arran BC (@walktoparadise) on live in constant fear that you’ll run into Michael McIntyre and be recycled into one of his sketches. 


Check out the best bits of Muswell Hill.

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