Postcards: Simone Riccio + Zu Aerial

Things to do, Literary events
Jackson's Lane has a long history of fostering physical performance, including circus, clowning and cabaret work, so this festival's return for a second year is something to celebrate. As you'd expect from a run called 'Postcards', the emphasis is on concise, vivid pieces, with most nights featuring mixed bills or multiple shows from top performers and exciting newcomers. This year's programme is tighter in terms of dates but more expansive in its embrace of live art and cabaret as well as circus. Tonight the fest closes with a double bill: in 'Nothing Moves If I Don't Push It', live music, German Wheel, acrobatics and original music and projection combine in NoFit State Circus's Simone Riccio's tale of perpetual motion; and then gravity is suspended and the world turned upside down in 'The Dream'.