Briefs: The Second Coming

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4 out of 5 stars
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'Briefs: The Second Coming'
PHOTO: (c) Roy Tan 'Briefs: The Second Coming'

Impossibly tantalising and infinitely sexy circus from Brisbane-based company Briefs at the London Wonderground.

This review is of the show's 2014 run. The show returns to London Wonderground in September 2016.

Wow. There’s really no other ejaculation worthy of this show. It’s an eye-popping spectacle that is both fabulously sexy and seriously clever. There’s never even a hint of anti-climax. And you’ll definitely leave wanting more, more, more.

After wowing the crowds at this year’s Glastonbury, Brisbane’s Briefs boys have brought their deliciously fuck-you swagger to the South Bank. Comprising six Aussies and one New Yorker, ‘The Second Coming’ is like a blazing disco ball of energy exploding in a nightclub that’s inside a theatre, inside a circus tent.

Compered with the driest and dirtiest wit by high heel-wearing, bearded Shivannah, the show is a raucous blend of impressive circus skills, burlesque and cabaret. It’s imaginative, playfully perverse and crammed with pin-sharp references to everything from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ to ‘Pulp Fiction’.

This is intelligent, self-aware entertainment. The performers are as sexy as hell – and knowingly flirty – but what really raises the temperature here is the sheer skill anchoring it all. Thom Worrell’s aerial acrobatics are mesmerising while Evil Hate Monkey’s banana ballet is a comic masterpiece. What makes them so hot is how talented they are.

Bodysuit-wearing drag performer Dallas Dellaforce manages to say more about gender conventions in ten brilliant minutes than many hours of earnest theatre; and youngest member of the line-up, Louis Biggs, trumps his own striptease with a display of astonishing aptitude involving an iconic ’80s puzzle.

This is steamy, cheeky fun, powered by a relentless energy that will leave you wanting to lose yourself in the nearest club. By the time the Briefs come together (looking like a particularly fabulous group of superheroes) for a final crowd-pleaser, you’ll be out of your seat and whooping.

By: Tom Wicker


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A fabulous show with a mix of burlesque, circus & theatre. This talented Australian company willentertain you with aerial acts, magic, dance numbers and funny acts. I would definitely go to see the show again and again. These guys – most in drag- are absolutely fantastic. Outstanding show!

 Sorry to differ from the rest of the crowd but my friend and I were hugely disappointed. We have seen the show every time it has been at Underbelly and thought it was absolutely outstanding before. 

Yes this was fun enough if you haven't seen the previous show but it was massively inferior to that one.Previously there were distinct acts- yoyo man, banana man, the awful but hilarious dog show, the weird Lady Gaga type character, the wine glass splashing, to name but a few. There wasn't a single memorable act this time. Each of the group had distinct characters last time and it was easy to remember what act they had performed. This time half the cast are new and it has massively suffered as a result. 

There was nothing memorable and the characters were none existent. Sorry boys but you need to rethink your act-you used to be great-now you are just another show.

Watched this Last Night and it did not disappoint, the good thing is that you don't know what to expect which makes the show exciting. Camp, Fabulous, Funny and Clever! Highly Recommend!


Beautiful, sexy, extremely funny: Briefs is pure joy. It’s the right amount of circus acrobatics, cabaret imagery and bizarre humour. I had never been in a cabaret show, but I’m now hoping they all are something like this one! (Although I’m guessing there are probably fewer men...)
The show – and the hostess in particular – exaggerated campness, instead of irritating, brings so much charm and sassiness that you just embrace it. And indulge...


Cirque De Soleil meets Pricilla Queen of the Desert. It may be just over an hour but boy do you get your money's worth. Fabulous, filthy, warm, brilliant and clever. You'll be clapping along with the best of them and shrieking with the completely appropriate audience participation. Weeeell most of it's appropriate. Some of it? Acrobatics, antics, banter and good old drag, their performance will make your week and you will genuinely want more. Tips: if you sit in front there may be damp patches and if you're offered raffle tickets buy a book, the prize is worth it.