Cinemas in Central London

Escape the noise and chaos of the city by dropping into one of Central London's many cinemas


Penny J

2nd comment. Fine but I can assign TO emails to junk?   Unless of course I get some reply and a beter web page.  Worked for you once - aeons ago.... am ashamed....P

Penny J

Absolutely ridiculous!  I wanted to find out if a film was still showing - possiblly at the Gate NHill - but all it showed me was the bloody cinemas, no box for 'Films' not immediate access to where films whoing in London, Central or other. Have no time to mess about looking at the outside of cinemas......

Penny J

cinema g

Aaah, So you have to open an account with TO in order to post comments. Then TO sends you regular e-mails. I can see the business strategy: By having a rubbish website, TO elicits criticism, but the only way this can be voiced is by signing up to TO and its mailing list, which presumably is a win for TO Marketing Manager and an incentive to keep the site rubbish. All you can do is deregister. Shame TO does not have a Reputation Manager.

cinema g

Come on Time Out, where's the explanation and remedial action? All we want is to get a listing of films - surely as a result more people will buy tickets at more cinemas to watch more films, and Time Out can also benefit from this? Looking forward to a response. 

Ronnie Rees

Absolutely agree with the criticisms of this site - useless. I just want a list of films, there times, and the cinemas showing them, preferably with at least a very brief descrioption of the film. What use is a lsit of cimenas then having to go through each and every one?

Paul Holmes

You get one star because I cannot give you anything less. I agree with the previous comments. I cannot find what I want either. As a visitor to London,I relied on the hard copy mag. for years . This site, however, is uselesss. For God's sake listen to the feedback, and do somehtig about it..


What a disappointing site. I expected to see a list of films, and from there go to where they can be seen. To organise a database in this way is extremely user-unfriendly. I can only assume that it has been done this way because cinemas pay fees. But this is bad business, as no-one will use the site.


Ditto, ditto, ditto.... the site fails because it doesn't provide the punters what they actually need. I want to quickly find a decent film to go to in central London. So far I've been on the site for an hour, and am now totally fed up with it :(


I went to your website to find the information I used to find easily when you published a hard-copy magazine – locations where a movie is showing, times, days, prices, etc. Now I can’t find that information. Your website is all reviews but no practical information. All the comments below say the same thing. Rethink your entire website, please!

Pierre Bruhlmeier

It was much better, when I could list the cinemas I frequent and you would show what is on there. I want to know what is showing in my cinemas and choose from what they are showing. Rather than having to input the film first because some places I will just not go even if they show a film I would consider to watch.


ditto. listing function used to be excellent. now i can't find a thing. did you make it less useful on purpose?

Robert Prosser

Rubbish new site - no point coming here Just shocking


This new site is no good at all. Completely unintuitive


Argh! Either I am doing something very wrong (possible), or the site is very wrong (probable), but I can't find any listings anywhere here on the transformed site. Someone, somewhere has scored a monumental own-goal...


What have you done Time Out? This site is absolutely disastrous - one can't find cinema listings by film names or films by cinema list. This is not a search engine!


This site is AWFUL. All I want to do is find a list of films showing in London so I can select which one to see.