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Vue listings

Find your nearest Vue cinema and explore the world of film with Time Out.


David J

No listing for Vue Fulham Broadway in the Vue chain nor if you seach for a film in the Fulham area

zed nelson

The Film guide is not easy to use. I'm a long time subscriber to the magazine, and the new magazine is a shadow of its former self - almost useless as a film guide as to what's on and where. So finally I admitted defeat and went online, giving up totally on the magazine (and meaning to cancel my subscription) and then found myself locked in an painful process of searching for a current film to see online. Before, (in the magazine), there were main reviews, then a list of short reviews of all current films. It was a good process of learning about and finding out about new films, and then quickly locating where they were playing. Now it seems impossible: a few main reviews...then a long list of cinemas (giving only their address and website, no film info), and a long list of films without no reviews. The new system works if you know what film you want to see already, but otherwise it's horrible. I'm so disappointed - I used to love Time Out, and it was really helpful. It feels like its dying in front of me.


please go back to original format this new one is uninformative

tim peed

I cannot be alone in thinking how awful this site is for users since it changed. It used to be that you could put in the film you wanted to see and your area or postcode and it would list the cinemas in 'nearness to you' order but now unless you live 'somewhere trendy' or Time out seems to like your cinema you are no longer important to Time Out as you no longer exist. Please can we have it back the way it used to be.