Hydroacoustics present :Zoviet*France: and Forward Strategy Group

Their name may read like the cat ran across the keyboard, but zoviet*france: are one of the cornerstones of the ambient and post-industrial scenes, and a rare set from them should be an awesomely immersive experience. Joining them at this all-dayer of electronic experimentation aboard the MS Stubnitz party boat will be brilliant raw techno duo Forward Strategy Group collaborating with Glasgow techno artist TVO, former Vex'd member Roly Porter, Shelley Parker, Paul Prudence, Jamka and many more, blending underground dancefloor vibes with mind-expanding sound innovations, through music, installations and AV projects running throughout the day. The perfect way to open up a few different channels in your brain after a Bank Holiday weekend of full-on 4/4 partying.


Event website: http://www.stubnitz.com