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Morning Glory
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A pre-work mid-week fitness rave, which aims to give punters a healthy, start to the working day via snacks, massages and a lot of dancing.

We all know what it's like. You roll out of bed groggy and knackered, force down some cornflakes, stumble into work and fall asleep on your desk all day. What's the answer? The (somewhat frighteningly named) Morning Glory claims to be it. Starting at 6.30am (a time most clubbers associate with getting home) on Wednesday morning, MG asks Londoners to "rave your way into the day" and get physical on the dancefloor before heading to work.

Bleary eyed at the thought? We don't blame you, but don't worry, as the crew's 'Children of the Morning' will greet you at the event at any time until doors close at 10.30am, supply a smoothie (or coffee for those who require at least some stimulants with their raving), give you a massage and shove you on to a banging dancefloor, where DJs will invigorate – and possibly scare – your shattered bones into life with all kinds of upbeat, ravey and impossibly energetic sounds.

Then you can head to the office buzzing (in a safe-for-work sense) and ready to seize the hell out of that day. Just remember, Tuesday night ravers, it ain't an afterparty.


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My one favourite morning of every month! I can already see you going 'There is no way in the world I'm getting out of bed at 5.30 am unless it's to catch a plane to an exotic destination filled with Pina colladas and hot chicks/dudes.' I won't lie, when the alarm rings, I start questioning my entire existence and the paths I chose that led to this moment. I always swear that it's the LAST time. But then suddenly, the magic happens: it's 6.30 am, I walk in a club and a bunch of strangers starts hugging me and wishing me a 'good morning'. And they really mean it! Awesome Djs, free hugs, group hugs, yoga sessions, smoothies, cocoa shots, massages, brocoli man, birds, GLITTERS – everywhere, love, life. What more can I say? Come one and all and be pumped up for the entire day, week, month!

Absolutely *loved* the first one - despite NOT being a morning person in any way whatsoever. Started my work day so much more joyful and full of energy than usual - the only downside was finding it pretty hard to haul myself out of bed the next morning without the promise of dancing and amazing music. Just found out the next one's coming up, so I'm trying to get all my friends to come along - especially the doubters!