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Regression Sessions
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A superbly silly, ultimately fun monthly party, featuring retro games and activities (think space hoppers and photobooths), plus DJs spinning party bangers.

Want to hit a club but tired of the painfully too-cool-for-school attitude that prevails at many London clubs? You're not alone, but luckily there is an answer: Regression Sessions. This continually ace party demands that punters leave any sense of being a grown-up at the door and indulge in a night of gloriously silly shenanigans.

The party combines loads of interactive and downright bizarre games and activites with tons of top party tunes from a huge range of resident DJs on rotation. Cue a bouncy castle, space hoppers, retro video games, giant ball pit, celebrity piñatas (fancy tearing Bieber to shreds? Now's your chance) vintage porn posing boards, a photobooth, extreme knitting and much, much more – all in place to help you recall the carefree days of your youth. Music-wise, you'll hear classic house, ’90s hip hop, garage, drum ’n’ bass and plenty more, spun by Naked Jake, Jack Swift and other residents. Go get regressed!

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This is sucha a good night out. Its a bit weird and wonderful, but dont be mistaken this is a club night not a soft play event. 

Go for the music not just  the spacehoppers! We go fairly regularly and havent been dissapointed yet

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amazing night! The new hippy theme they have got going is another level, and the music was on point once again! Bring on the Easter special :)!!!! 

Come with the right attitude and you'll have a banging night. 

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This is the best event i have been to in London! 

Music is amazing people are so friendly and there is so much fun stuff 

I wish it was weekly! (it is also my event) 

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Went to the Halloween one and was absolutley insane, production was top notch and i was a sucker for the ball pit, loved it, would definetley recommend it

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For a Northern girl who has never stepped a foot into London's beautifully chaotic rave scene; oh what a privilege it was to experience that first time right there at the Metal Works in Islington. 'You know what it's like? When you step into a new environment and for some unknown reason, it feels like it's just the right place to be! You look around and you don't feel pressured to be anything else but yourself. I have seen this event change and grow. It's been such a journey, as we have gone to so many and still get the same old buzz in the stomach right before we enter the building. I've made up with friends, made some new ones and collected so many little artifacts that they hand out for free! It's almost like a tradition for me and my friends to go. This is our catch up time. Sometimes all you need is to just take a step out of that silly stressful adult life and do some serious partying. If you appreciate electronic music, just should know that the DJs will look after your ears and mind. I have never seen a fight there, only positive vibes and great friends having fun. Keep it up Regression Sessions Team. We've come a long way together. More memories to come! 

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Top night out! Have to say what an all-around success of a party.

I loved the fact that theres multiple rooms that range from fresh underground house/techno, to commercial hip-hop jams, and even drum and bass. This party is something that caters to everyone with the additional percs of having massively fun and regressive pieces of content such as giant ball-pit and bouncy castle! 

I went with a group of friends to RS this past Saturday (Start of Summer Carnival at Studio 338). My friends and I often go to RS and have a really good time, we usually enjoy the wide selection of music and activities provided. We felt let down this time as the variety of music was much more limited to house and techno, we were there from 3pm-4am and did not hear one single dnb track. Also the songs the DJ’s were playing had massive build ups that led to incredibly disappointing drops. There were a few things on the list of activities which were not there, the main things being a bouncy castle and hot tubs, also the bbq and bar were extortionately priced at £6 for a small portion of chips and £10 for a double of standard spirits.

During the night one of my friends was randomly escorted off of the dance floor by five bouncers, they said to search him for drugs, when they found nothing on him they let him back in, but we all felt that this seemed to be a case of discrimination as he was the only black guy in the group and has dread locks. We really hope this would not be the case, but he did feel uneasy after this and found it hard to enjoy the rest of his night. I would like to think that this was not a racial targeting, and hope that RS could up their game for the next event as my group of friends are regulars to RS and do usually love these events.

I have been to many of the RS events and have never been let down. Atmosphere is always awesome, you don't get anyone going around looking for trouble like you see in every big brand club basically every night. Drinks are reasonable and all the staff are really helpful. On top of all that, they play REAL club music, not just top 40 chart bangers and Grime all night, which is a breath of fresh air. if you are looking for the clubbing experience that fell of in the early 2000's I couldn't recommend RS enough. Just go and have fun, no snobby dress codes, no boy/girl ratio at the door, never any trouble and always a good night. 

We went to this on Thursday and it didn't disappoint. The ball pit was huge and there were lots of different rooms all with different music. So something for everyone. House and Techno room was on point all night.

Its a bit off a maze so expect to lose your friends at several points but everyone there was very friendly and nice. 

The club is very very busy so you will queue for stuff but all in all a great night out. 

literally the best night I have ever been to. its packed with people all with the same good happy vibes (not the arsey lot that tend to fill up all london clubs). love this place so much its basically the only club night I venture out for.

they always have so many crazy weird things, like contortionists, magicians, face-painters as well as obviously their famous bouncy castle and ball pit.

CANT WAIT FOR TOMORROW!! Good vibes all round <3

Always a good night out. Residents are always on point. loads of stuff to do although i only really go to the ball pit nowadays.

It is full of lovely people. Like a festival sort of atmosphere. The bouncers are a bit too thorough and can be rude but that is the same at every London nightclub these days. 

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Regression sessions NYE was definitely one of the worst events and biggest rip offs I have ever witnessed. First of all the event wasn't even in a proper building, more like an an outdoor warehouse. Had to keep our coats on all night as it was freezing, which was good as the queue for the cloak room was hours long (not an exaggeration), literally took people about 2 hours to put their coats away. There was no entertainment other than a small bouncy castle and makeshift ballpit only allowing a few people on at a time. The music was rubbish, no well known songs, just a lot of really old not catchy hip hop and classic house with build ups so long that we had lost interest by the drop. The toilets weren't even proper toilets they were portable cabins. Worst of all there was no proper countdown or confetti or anything to celebrate the new year at midnight. It was such a let down and poorly organised. Even the staff were stroppy and complained they wanted to go home. Just an all round bad atmospheres really. DO NOT GO HERE.

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Possibly the worst event I have been to!! I was Very disappointed. 2 space hoppers for hundreds of people, no ball pond, no ice cream truck or any other great extra additives that they said were being introduced! basically all there was was a dirty club that only played jungle music and a bouncy castle (that only allowed 4 people at a time for 4 minutes- we had 5 people). Ended up staying 20 minutes only and leaving!! 

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This night is totally not what you'd think it would be, having read their description of it. There was a tiny ball pool in one tucked away corner and the tiny bouncy castle got taken away shortly after midnight on NYE! It was expensive, there were no real fun activities, the music was techno mixed with nothing you'd ever heard, certainly not 90s pop, and it was basically just grimy and not worth the ticket price at all. We all felt that it was really unfair of them to promote the night like this, when it was actually just a grubby warehouse with expensive drinks and massive queues for the bar/toilet/cloakroom. Would never recommend.

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Don't bother! Built up to be much more than it was, big disappointment.

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I hardly ever write reviews or complaints, but I have to say, this was an Absolute let down. I feel betrayed by the scandalous promotion of this event. We wanted to do something special for our NYE, something different, but this basically turned out like a bog standard grimy warehouse party. There was one tiny ball pit and one tiny bouncy castle, only 4 people allowed on at a time, then the bouncy castle was taken away a little after midnight, leaving just one ball pit for an entire club full of people, most of my friends couldn't even be bothered with the queue. Fortunately I was with a great group of friends or this might well have ruined my new year. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON A TICKET.