Return to the Source

Tsuyoshi Suzuki

During the '90s, club night Return to the Source – held at famed Brixton venue The Fridge, on the spot that Electric Brixton now occupies – helped pioneer Goa trance within the UK. Swirling, trippy repetitive and high energy, Goa trance might not have been to everybody's taste but it sure did find a lot of poularity in certain corners of the clubbing world, and RTTS helped nurture it, bringing in key DJs from the scene.

21 years after their first collaboration, the RTTS crew are reuniting for a special one-off at Electric Brixton. The venue will be decked out in full-on Goa trance style (including a seven-point star on the dancefloor, obviously, plus more crystals than Glastonbury), and shamens will bless the space with sacred water. From Glastonbury. There'll also be fire performers, drum rituals, market stalls, more chai tea than you can find in India and flying angels, apparently.

DJs include Alex Paterson from The Orb and Mixmaster Morris paying in the Ambient Cafe, plus Tsuyoshi Suzukifeat, Mark Allen, John Phatasm and Shakti spinning tunes elsewhere in the club, and live performances from Man With No Name and Medicine Drum. If psychedelic trance aligns you chakras in a particularly sexy way, Electric Brixton is your temple tonight. Literally.


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