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Sink The Pink’s latest party: ‘Bring your dancing shoes and a loose set of morals’

The polysexual party pros have brought a new friend to town and she’s throwing one gigantic, glamorous party, soundtracked by two of the finest disco DJs around


Masters of all that’s fun and filthy, Sink The Pink are back with their feistiest concept yet. Last year they dreamed up – sorry, met – ‘Gloria’, a sassy lady with a penchant for disco-dipped, costume-clad shindigs, loved by club kids and party monsters.

After a first event in November, Sink The Pink and their wild creation – sorry, their friend – Gloria are laying on another bash full of dancers, DJs (including Andy Butler from New York troupe Hercules & Love Affair and London selector Krystal Klear) and debauchery. We checked in with the definitely-not-fictional Gloria to ask about her upcoming party at Shoreditch club XOYO.

So, Gloria, just who the heck are you and what exactly is your story?
‘Oh, this old broad has been through it all and had the works done along the way: I’ve got tits so high that it looks like I’m wearing a neck brace. All you need to know is that I’m Gloria and every party I throw is major.’

How did you begin throwing parties?
‘Seeing Sink The Pink DJ with The 2 Bears whipped me into a right frenzy and I wanted a piece of the action. I somehow convinced the team at XOYO to let me put on parties and here we are. Though I do like the club better when it’s dripping with my favourite London queens.’

What do you stand for?
‘I’m all about the party: I want to see all my girls, boys and straight/polysexual/gay friends sweating together on one dancefloor.’
What’s the concept behind your parties?
‘Big hair and big names. Everyone’s welcome at the House of Gloria. It’s somewhere for the kids to go wild and dance to some of the best DJs around. We’re bringing you uplifting, love-drenched dance music.’
Tell us about this upcoming event of yours.
‘I’ve got Andy Butler and Krystal Klear – the most savage DJs around – and we’re transforming the club into London’s very own red-light district. Bring your dancing shoes and a loose set of morals and we’ll do the rest.’

What should people wear to the party?
‘From as little as possible to a toilet seat. Wear everything with a dash of panache.’

Who would win a three-way cage fight between Gloria Gaynor, Gloria Estefan and yourself?
‘Well, I would rival Gloria Estefan’s Conga, but Gloria Gaynor is a bit more butch, so I’d have to drop kick her, WWE-style.’

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