YesNo Disco

YesNo Disco

DJs battle it out to win the crowd's approval, spinning tunes based on a theme. The audience decided by getting on the dancefloor.

This cunning club concept asks the crowd to answer a topical question by deciding with their feet – on the dancefloor. Two DJs play back-to-back, hoping to gain support for their view from clubbers, who hold up ‘yes’ and ‘no’ ping-pong paddles to show which way they’re swaying with each tune. Topics covered so far have included the Scottish independence referendum and 'sexy v sexist'. It doesn't matter if you are/aren't devoted to whatever cause is being examined on the night – it's still a whole lot of fun. Think party jams, classic disco hits and a few heartfelt ballads. Get on the dancefloor and get deciding!


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