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13 second shows to see at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

'Difficult second shows' to catch at the massive Scottish arts festival

By Ben Williams

These acts' Fringe debuts all made an impression. They'll be hoping to keep that momentum going this year…

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Adrienne Truscott
© Allison Orenstein

Adrienne Truscott’s a One-Trick Pony!

Award-winner. Second show.

Truscott’s bold, brave show about rape culture and rape jokes – ‘Adrienne Truscott’s Asking For It – A One-Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy and Little Else’ – won her the Foster’s Panel Prize in 2013. Her new show examines stand-up comedy itself. After all, we’re still not sure whether to call Truscott a comedian or a performance artist…

8.15pm, Gilded Balloon. (Aug 5-17 only.)

Aisling Bea
© Karla Gowlett

Aisling Bea: Plan Bea

Stand-up. Award nominee. Second show.

This excitable Irish comic has barely been off the telly over the past two years. In 2014 she won a British Comedy Award, her debut Edinburgh show was nominated for the Best Newcomer prize, and now she’s following it up with more motormouth stories.

9.30pm, Gilded Balloon.

Alex Edelman
© Will Bremridge

Alex Edelman: Everything Handed to You

Stand-up. Award-winner. Second show.

It’s the ‘difficult second show’ for last year’s Best Newcomer winner, as this smart-arsed American comic speaks directly to the twentysomethings. His neurotic tales and observations are unfailingly funny.

8.30pm, Pleasance Courtyard.

Ali Brice

Ali Brice presents: Eric Meat Has No Proof, Only Memories of Pasta

Character comedy. Second show. Free.

Joyfully stupid character comedy in this performer’s second solo show. Eric Meat – Brice’s central character – is a sweet, romantic, heartbroken fool, and he’s joined by a host of idiotic pals.

1.30pm, Heroes @ The Hive.

Funz and Gamez Tooz

Funz and Gamez Tooz

Award-winner. Second show.

The sequel to 2014’s Foster’s Panel Prize winning word-of-mouth hit. Funz and Gamez Tooz takes what is appropriate in a children’s show and does the exact opposite. Kids love it – the adult jokes soar way over their heads – and us grown-ups enjoy how inappropriately these little ’uns are being treated. Funz for all the family.

3.20pm, Assembly George Square Gardens.

Gein's Family Giftshop
© Drew Forsyth

Gein’s Family Giftshop: Volume 2

Sketch comedy. Award nominee. Second show.

This dark, depraved sketch troupe (performers Kath Hughes, Edward Easton and James Meehan plus co-writer Kiri Pritchard-Mclean) bagged a Best Newcomer nomination at last year’s festival. Their skits are innovative, debauched, occasionally unsettling, and ridiculously funny. One of our favourite sketch troupes right now.

10.45pm, Pleasance Courtyard.

John Lloyd

John Lloyd: Emperor of the Prawns

Off the telly. Second show.

More after-dinner style anecdotes and ‘QI’-esque facts from the behind the Stephen Fry-fronted panel show. (And ‘Blackadder’. And ‘Spitting Image’. And ‘Not the Nine O’Clock News’. We could go on…)

4.30pm, Assembly Checkpoint.

Lazy Susan
© Bobby Goulding

Lazy Susan: Double Act

Sketch comedy. Award nominee. Second show.

After bagging a Best Newcomer nomination in 2014, this understated sketch duo – made up of Celeste Dring and Freya Parker – return with more superb performances, silly characters and wigs Lots of wigs. Sketch comedy with heart.

8.10pm, Pleasance Dome.

Mark Stephenson

Mark Stephenson: Amsterdam

Stand-up. Second show. Free.

We’re big fans of his downbeat stand-up who remains upbeat despite his pessimism, and undermines his intelligent thoughts with stupid jokes. This year Stephenson turns to confessional storytelling in ‘Amsterdam’.

2.20pm, Banshee Labyrinth.

Massive Dad

Massive Dad 2.0: Step Up 2 Massive Dad

Sketch comedy. Second show.

Just like that street dance crew had to up their game to compete in that underground dance content in ‘Step Up 2: The Streets’ (remember?), we’re expecting this talented sketch trio to move up a gear after last year’s impressive debut. Massive Dad’s slick, traditional skits are chockablock with bold gags.

6.50pm, Pleasance Dome.

Rhys James
© Edward Moore

Rhys James: Remains

Stand-up. Second show.

24-year-old stand-up and Twitter favourite Rhys James is on devilishly sharp form at the moment. He’s white, middle-class and male, there’s been no pain or struggle in his life – and that’s exactly his problem. What can he talk about that’s unique and different? See him (seemingly) struggle in ‘Rhys James Remains’.

4.45pm, Pleasance Courtyard.

Ronny Chieng

Ronny Chieng: Chieng Reaction

Stand-up. International. Second show.

Ronny Chieng is refreshingly aloof. Rather than try desperately to charm us over, he simply focuses his energy into slashing apart life’s annoyances with a no-nonsense bravado. Born in Malaysia and based in Australia, he’s becoming a big deal Down Under, selling out 2000-seat venues at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

7.20pm, Underbelly Cowgate.

Tom Neenan
© Idil Sukan Draw HQ

Tom Neenan: The Andromeda Paradox

Character comedy. Storytelling. Second show.

Dapper storyteller Tom Neenan could have a real hit on his hands here. From what we’ve seen, his riveting sci-fi adventure ‘The Andromeda Paradox’ is full of whip-smart jokes, intricately woven plotlines and surprising twists. We can’t wait to see the finished version.

6.40pm, Pleasance Dome.


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