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carl hutchinson press 2013

Carl Hutchinson – All the Rage review

Underbelly, Bristo Square


  • 2 out of 5 stars

Carl Hutchinson’s show is about those little things in life that annoy you. Sound familiar? Should do, it’s pretty common comedic ground. Naked men at the gym, people reclining their airplane seats, sharing a pudding in a restaurant: these are all things that get Hutchinson’s blood boiling… apparently. The 26-year-old Geordie tells his tales with such a calm, softly spoken manner, it’s difficult to believe he ever really gets fired up.

He does admit, at the top of the show, that’s his on stage persona is an ‘exaggerated version of himself’. But if this is his anger cranked up to 11, off stage he must be as peaceful as the Dalai Lama on a spa holiday. 

Hutchinson has some relatable annoyances – we’ve all had a waiter or waitress who doesn't write down orders, only to then forget the garlic bread. But the majority of his material is disappointingly MOR. 

His observations aren’t strong enough to spark big laughs of recognition (I’ve never thought that people who reserve seats on trains should ‘get a life’, for example) but he doesn’t go far enough down the ‘angry’ route for his rage at inconsequential irritations to feel ridiculously over-the-top. 

See 'Carl Hutchinson – All the Rage' at the Edinburgh Fringe

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