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This sardonic comic tells some of his favourite Jewish gags.


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I saw Ivor at the Australian Adelaide fringe comedy variety. Was impressed with his sample show, so I went with a few more friends to see his full show. This guy is good. Really good.

I really enjoyed Ivor's intimate comedy show. What else can you do on a Sunday afternoon? This show was like a theater comedy so quite unusual and fun. Ivor go the audience to join in which made the show more enjoyable. Also it was nice to hear Jewish jokes as I was not aware of them....nice, clean fun

The journey had me laughing out loud and gasping in shock as Ivan led us through a series of classic Jewish jokes of the kind that only Jews tell and as he did so he took us out of our comfort zone and subtly confronted the limits of tribal humour and self-criticism.  By the end of the story, I thought he had gone as close to the edge as a Jew could go and then he pushed us over.  I almost fell off my chair.  A brilliant show.

Edgy (only a Jew could get away with this)  well-crafted and very,very funny. Highly recommended!

I loved this show. Everyone did. It was a very funny story, beautifully told. Excellent night out.

There was actually an 86 year old Jewish guy in the audience with me but you certainly don't need to be an Old Jew to enjoy Ivor Dembina's very funny one man show. Am I right...? I'm always right

Having a quiet drink and decided to drop down the Rabbit Hole to see Ivor's show based on the Fringe festival reviews.  Ivor excellently interlaced new and classic Jewish jokes with an intriguing plot line that builds to a great finish.  This clever show provided me with plenty of laughs over the ~80 minute run time and I found the intimacy of this small venue really added to the experience.

I would highly recommend people to go and see Ivor perform this witty and entertaining show at the Duke of Hamilton in Hampstead.  I visited on the 29/03/2015

Here we have a one man show downstairs in the Hampstead pub The Duke of Hamilton.  This 'cellar' venue also goes by the name of the Rabbit Hole and is regular used for fringe theatre, cabaret etc.  Pub is an old style friendly place a short walk from the Underground station.  Ivor Dembina as he tells us in his show, has been on the comedy circuit for over thirty years, starting off as part of the alternative London scene.  This show was unsurprisingly a big hit at Edinburgh last year.  Ivor interweaves a story of fundraising for his local synagogue, old style Jewish humour and slivers of edgier material.  The show is a very generous hour, more like an hour and fifteen minutes which it flew by and without doubt it was laugh a minute at least.  We even had an 'optional extra' when once the show had concluded the audience was invited to stay and hear some 'work in progress' for this years' Edinburgh. This show is full of both style and substance - recommended.

A highly entertaining hour and a half of comedy! Well put together and with some surprising parts to the set. He links in a story to the punchlines very well. Some of the jokes may not be to everyone's taste but he works the room well and I'd recommend it to anyone who appreciates Jewish humour, whether you are Jewish yourself or not. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent performance given by Ivor Dembina. He brought us a good selection of old and new jokes, intertwined with a storyline that keeps you interested. There are maybe only 30 seats in the basement of this Hampstead pub that makes the experience all the more intimate and engaging. Highly recommended.