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  1. Jack the Stripper

    The shop may have moved on to pastures new but the legacy of a terrific pun lives on.
    Location: Bank

  2. Beauty and the Beach

    Stock up on spray tan and get those hairs removed at this aptly-named beauty salon.
    Location: Twickenham

  3. Codfather

    A place where you don't 'sleep with the fishes', you just cover them in salt and vinegar.
    Location: Marble Arch
    Supplied by @iamlizzybrown

  4. Eat and Two Veg

    Who says vegetarians don't have a sense of humour?
    Location: Marylebone

  5. Fishcotheque

    There's something about the mindless graffiti that just adds to the party feel of this 'traditional' chippy.
    Location: Waterloo

  6. Floors for Thought

    Just like your father always said; when it comes to flooring, don't rush the decision-making process.
    Location: Clapham

  7. Heaven Scent

    Stock up on spray tan and get those hairs removed at this aptly-named beauty salon.
    Location: Twickenham

  8. Gate Expectations

    Forget London's Charles Dickens Museum, this shop is the legacy the Victorian novelist would have wanted.
    Location: Wimbledon Chase

  9. Hi De Hilites

    What do you mean you don't get this pun? Don't you remember 'Hi-De-Hi'? It ran for nine series, that's almost twice as many as 'The Wire'.
    Location: Mitcham

  10. Iron Maiden

    As a general rule, the best puns are simple, effective and based on big-haired heavy metal bands from Leyton.
    Location: Kingston-Upon-Thames

  11. Jack the Clipper

    A versatile pun is put to good use for a barber shop this time round.
    Location: Whitechapel
    Supplied by Naina Mistry

  12. Philglas & Swiggot

    A highbrow pun for the sophisticated wine connoisseur.
    Location: Marble Arch
    Supplied by Kenny Blythe

  13. Planet of the Grapes

    A vintage pun for this specialist wine and spirits shop.
    Location: New Oxford St

  14. Pugs and Kisses

    The cute dog and pun combination proves deadly. A real 'Awwww' generator.
    Location: Fulham

  15. Ryan Hair

    Another pun from hair stylists, this time based on a budget airline.
    Location: Victoria
    Supplied by David McLagan

  16. Sellfridges

    We got so much abuse for not including this in the original gallery line-up. A Pundon classic.
    Location: Stoke Newington
    Supplied by Jenny Blair

  17. Sure Lock Homes

    Not technically a shop but this pun on the move is a total winner.
    Location: Here, there and everywhere
    Supplied by Mehreen Umar

  18. Woofs A Daisy

    Does this pun work? We're not totally convinced but 10/10 for effort.
    Location: Norbiton

London's funniest, punniest shop names

Chucklesome chip shops, snigger-inducing salons and hilarious hardware stores all feature in our gallery of London's most pun-tastic signage


We've teamed up with Blogger The Punning Man to celebrate the fine art of punning in London. You can send your own pics to and we'll add the best to this gallery. Also, check out the Punning Man's top five London puns on the Time Out Blog.

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