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Hari Sriskantha
Hari Sriskantha

One to watch: Hari Sriskantha

Read our comedy profile of Hari Sriskantha and see him live in London

Written by
Ben Williams

Who? Software developer by day, rising stand-up star by night (well, evening). Hari Sriskantha’s been honing his craft on the new act circuit for a few years now.

What? Sriskantha’s nerdy stories and dry gags cover his quest for immortality, pop culture bugbears and the De Broglie wavelength. Well, he does have a background in physics, after all.

Why? The affable youngster’s smart and not afraid to show it. But the joke’s always him: his silly ‘director’s commentaries’ explaining his own jokes are wonderfully faux-arrogant.

Where? You can catch Sriskantha at Up the Creek, Thu Mar 19, and Monkey Business Kentish Town, Sat Mar 21.

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