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The best comedy shows in London tonight

Our pick of the finest comedy shows in London this evening

Looking for comedy in London tonight? Then start limbering up those face muscles because there are plenty of cracking line-ups at London's comedy clubs this very evening. Here's a few of the comedy shows we recommend, plus a choice of budget-friendly free gigs.


Andy G

Where the hell is the content?

Naomi H

Come and check out Naomi Hefters show CHAOS , 20th and 21st, 9pm at Etcetera Theatre. Only a few tickets left.  This outrageous show received two 4 star reviews. " "Undoubtedly a natural comic, hilarious anecdotes" Three weeks Edinburgh. " Pure filth and wildly funny" Views from the Gods.

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Robin Williams was a wonderful man and I think whoopiee has glued herself to his image.  his quote:

"I use to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. its not. the worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone." quotes Robin Williams; and I think this was about the comedian whoppie: "never pick a fight with an ugly person...they got nothing to lose." There has to be other comedians who can represent Robin Williams life and jokes out there. Every thing about Robin Williams makes money --don't you other comedians want a cut of the pie?  Robin Williams needs other representation other than whoppiee.  She has glued herself to his image long enough and the next generation needs to study this approach and get in on it!

Martin Bessermn

Monkey Business Comedy Club in the heart of Camden in Chalk Farm is regarded by many as North London`s best comedy club with award winning acts every week.Please check our website www.monkeybusinesscomedyclub.co.uk tel 07932 338203