Future Human: Kickstarter Economy

Things to do, Talks and lectures
Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform for creative projects, has been making waves in all areas of the creative industries, with impressive results: at this year's Sundance festival more than 10 per cent of all the films nominated were funded by the New York web company. There's clearly something to this form of funding, and tonight's Future Human event aims to find out what, and how the dynamics of what seems to be a new investment culture can be exploited. The panel includes Gregory Vincent, founder of one of the UK’s leading crowdfunding platforms Sponsume, and Bobbie Johnson, the founder of MATTER, a journalistic venture that raised US$140,000 on Kickstarter from more than 2,500 backers.


Event phone: 020 7684 8618
Event website: http://www.futurehuman.co.uk