Carlos Acosta: Premieres Plus

© Johan Persson Carlos Acosta
Carlos Acosta is a charismatic performer, a heart-throb of ballet and increasingly an ambitious artistic director, putting together his own programmes and commissioning new work. This last pursuit hasn't yet been as successful as the first and this show 'Premieres Plus', is an 'enhanced' version of last year's 'Premieres', which featured dance works by Russell Maliphant, Edwaard Liang and George Cespedes, with a live choir and digital film projections. In the end, that show was perhaps a case of too many ideas and not enough direction, although it definitely had its moments. Let's hope this year's effort has been finessed. Additions to the programme include Will Tuckett's 'On Before', performed by Acosta and Zenaida Yanowsky, and a new solo for Acosta by Rambert's Miguel Altunaga.


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