Shen Yun

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'Shen Yun' at Dominion Theatre
'Shen Yun' at Dominion Theatre

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This explosion of technicoloured choreographic kitsch from New York is a celebration of centuries of China's history. Classical Chinese dance, vast panoramic backdrops and live orchestral compositions combine to create a pastel-bright homage to 5,000 years of civilisation.



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1 out of 5 stars

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I actually really enjoyed this show. To say it is 'boring' misses the subtlety of classical dance, in my opinion, be it ballet or in this case Chinese classical dance. Costumes were beautiful, the inner grace and beauty of the dancers was stunning. And the spirituality behind the show was refreshing and uplifting. It was a beautiful family show and yes it wasn't 'modern' in the sense of 'modern art' but if you appreciate a return to traditional, spiritual, moral values then you will resonate with this show I think.

If you’re tempted - DON’T. Easily the worst show experience ever. Totally underwhelming. We feel stupid having paid £148 each ticket- feel totally scammed. 

U ought to be ashamed of yourselves!

Went and saw this show with enthusiasm, thinking i should support my own culture and started promoting to all my friends. Boy I was sooooo wrong...

The show has nothing to do with traditional chinese dance at all, instead its a cheap ripoff to make a quick buck!

The acrobatic was so dull; all their ‘kick’ and ‘spilt’ were so repetitive that their choreography movement were all the same from beginning til the end. Both the opera singers were mediocre, music was awful, not related to traditional chinese theme at all, the lyrics is even worse, basically condemning darwinism and atheism.

This show is actually promoting their religious beliefs!

In their advertisement they dont tell u these, but when u are in attendance they forced their views and beliefs down your throat by packaging it up as vibrant colourful traditional dance troupe.

The worst part was they played on your (the westerners) curiosity towards chinese culture, and they preyed on your gullibility by claiming that they ARE representing chinese culture!

Dont fall for it!

I understand u are being persecuted by the ccp government, and i have nothing againts u guys, but please do not smear the truth about chinese culture, what u are doing is slandering the good name of our culture by insulting us with lies!

Sadly I didn't read these reviews before paying a lot of money to see this "show".  I agree with everything the other reviewers have said - it is religious and political propaganda masquerading as entertainment. And their claim that the traditional arts are being suppressed in China is (in my experience) dubious to say the least.  You only have to watch Chinese series like The Untamed on Netflix, Hunan TV's  I am a Singer on Youtube or listen to mainland artists like Tenggri and Henry Huo to find evidence to the contrary.  Statements on screen like "atheism and evolutionism destroyed our traditions" and "Falun Dafa is Good" had the completely opposite effect to what they intended.  On the plus side, I laughed a lot. 

I Paid a lot of money for what was a boring night i fell asleep alot through the show, i thought it was going to be better than advertised,My Girlfriend was disappointed. it became too political with the anti china human rights C**p that i didnt care about ill never recommend the show, 

Horrendous. Expected the Chinese version of Cirque du Soleil, got a group of ok dancers, a couple of dreadful soloist singers, some political propaganda and the most irritating thing, two squawking announcers with terrible voices making bad jokes when they introduced every single act. Couldn’t wait for it to be over and a dreadful waste of money.

My wife and I saw this at the Apollo in Hammersmith  last night. I wish I had had seen these reviews before we bought the tickets. Dancing repetitive and average choreography. Live music the same which is a shame as the largely Caucasian orchestra were not given any range to play. The two solo singers were awful with no pitch with an average pianist. No real acrobatics or circus skills even attempted. We were told that the Shen Yun is based in New York and now has six travelling groups and is banned in China. Not surprising given its strong anti-Communist rhetoric. The organisers do not seem to understand that the British do not fear Communism like the Americans do and indeed the morning - 28 April 2019- the headlines are that a considerable number of the House of Lords are regularly accepting "red" money from China and Russia. Indeed, when I visited China recently most of the cities could pass for any industrialised Western city with bullet trains, electronics we can only dream of. Everyone in the UK and even the US would give their right arm to have more sales to China. The crude political message in this otherwise grossly overrated  and monotonous show,  has no place in today's world. Indeed the Shen Yin's anti-LBGT message would in many circumstances have led to a ban in London. Over to you Mayor Khan??

Seen Shen Yun last night in London and walked out during the intermission. The show is political propaganda for the Falun Gong/ Falun Dafa religion while it masquerades as a Chinese version of Cirque du Soleil. It starts as expected and 20 minutes in it turns political and religious, with the portrayal of beatings, communists prisons and an all divine saviour. It is super clumsy and preachy. Don't waste your money!! Stay far far away. 

This show looks gorgeous but is very repetitive as in they do a somersault and then do that same somersault again and again in each number. I think I was expecting a lot more, a bit more cirque du solei type moves but instead it was just a few somersaults and lots of ladies dancing in a line. A tad yawn after about 2 numbers as those numbers just repeated for the following numbers. It was also odd that there were compares that appeared after each dance to make twee comments. It felt like I’d stepped in to Eurovision from the 70s. So cheesey.

I did enjoy elements of this but ult8mateky it was definitely not worth the ticket price

From the trailer for the show I was expecting the Chinese version of Cirque Du Soleil - in fact I sacrificed my annual treat there for this and bought tickets for my parents as a Christmas present. Shen Yun had great costumes and cleverly used film on stage but that's all the positives I can say about this show. It had constant preachy messaging and was too political. I was hoping to see a mix of skills like acrobatics and martial arts but it was mainly music and dance. Unfortunately the quality of the latter was "meh". For the same price ticket you could see a really good ballet. I can't help feel the trailer and website mis-sold the show to me. It was embarrassing that I brought my parents to this.

I strongly recommend avoiding this show. Disappointingly, Shen Yun is nothing like it is advertised to be. There is very little traditional Chinese culture in the whole show. The costumes are mediocre, as compared to what you see in China, and the show is far less spectacular and acrobatic than expected. The level of the performance is quite low despite the very high price of the tickets. The orchestra contains only 3 traditional Chinese instruments, the rest is western. Having been a regular audience of both Chinese and Italian opera all my life, I can confidently say that there is no Chinese traditional singing in the soprano ‘s performance. On the contrary, she is singing the praise of a modern syncretic religious cult, Falun Dafa, claiming that the apocalypse is near and that their faithfuls can acquire skills like telepathy, precognition, levitation and “divine sight”. Banners stating “Falun Dafa is good “ and evil communist police, in black jackets with red sickle and hammer on the back, beating, torturing and killing gentle Falun Dafa followers (but don’t worry, divine entities dressed in white consistently turn up and bring the poor victims back to life) appear throughout the show, in a clumsy attempt of generic anti chinese government propaganda of such a childish level that insults the intelligence of a person of average IQ. The show programme is equally politicised and anti-China. Suspiciously, the artistic director ‘s name is concealed in his initials only: D.F. (Coincidentally, the same initials of the cult’s name). Avoid at all costs,

This play is performed by what appears to be a religious cult and is rife with anti-government and religious propaganda. I would honestly recommend avoiding it at all costs.

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