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Discover the facts and figures behind the London 2012 Olympics

Explore amazing Olympic facts with our London 2012 infographic - all the important 2012 Olympics facts and figures, including sports, Olympic venues and competitors

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Guide to the London 2012 Paralympic Games

All you need to know about the 2012 Paralympic Games, including venue and ticketing information.

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Katie Carpenter

i need information about the Olympics for my school presentation, please help me.

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i need to find out some good and rather unknown information about the Olympics so i can use in a presentation which i am showing to year 11 pupils. i have heard that this is a good website to come to to get some good facts and information about the Olympics, please help, thank you.


Hello, i am a student and am doing my ICT GCSE. I would like to use some of the information on this page to help me with my ICT coursework. So please may you give me permission to allow me to use this information. Thank you.

arshnoor khurana

i need some info about london olimpics .. i have to my hw .. plese help me friends na


This helped me LOADS with my geography homework!


i would totally recomend this website it got me all of the Olympic Facts so quickly and really Helped me wiv my homework Thankx xxxx


Quiz night tomorrow - have a feeling it might be about the Olympics. Thanks for info - fascinating!


i think the person who wriiten it should use it in the right tense.! It is hard to understand.


I think the information is very useful because their is pictures and numbers that people think it is true ,right

i hate homework soooooooo much

i needed to find sites with olympic facts on it for homework and it came up with this winch didn't help me at all

I hate homework

:\ i had to use this for homework... not wat i was looking for.. :| anyone know a site i can find how many women r in the olympics on?

Doctor Splits

i luv the splits i can do centre splits and left leg and right leg splits too!

doctor doof

these facts suck they didnt work for my home work


i am sooooooo exited bout olympics even thougth :):):):):):):):):):):) poor aussie gymnast feel so sad they anit get in! (cry) (cry)


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I TOTS AGREE WITH anonamous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi its me!!!


these facts are tots awesome sircazum complet

Gayle Slade

Looking forward to 2012 London Olympics




hey jess from school


thanks for the help i realy appreaciated it, i needed it for homework plus make another site like this


The facts are very nicely and cleverly laid out.


london and nottingham are more like 176-204 km away not 2000


I love the newt fact!


I know it can take me a long time to get home but how far away do you think Nottingham is from London? It's the East Midlands, not East Moldova!


Thanks it helped alot at school


Cool design!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not sure about the 2000 km of cable fact. How can this be enough to reach from London to Nottingham - surely they are not 2000 km apart?!!