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It’s called Backyard Cinema because that’s how it started – with a bunch of mates in a garden watching 'Jurassic Park' projected on a bedsheet. Since then Backyard has hosted zombie apocalypses, 'Romeo + Juliet' with a choir in a church, popped up on the cobbles in Camden Market and hosted outdoor film festivals. 

Backyard now has a permanent home at the Mercato Metropolitano Italian food market in Borough. Join them there for a 'Mission to Mars' themed series of screenings including 'Men In Black', 'E.T', 'Alien' and 'Interstellar'. Find the full programme and book in advance here



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As cinema experiences go, I would say Backyard cinema is one of the best. 

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean and loved the fact I needed to swing through some foam on a rope swing. 

The seats were so comfy, the screen huge and the atmosphere great. my only grip was the price of the drinks 

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Shown in a beautifully atmospheric church with performing choir, this was a really memorable evening watching a classic movie! First up, the accompanying choir were brilliant, with brilliant songs and harmony, you couldn't fault their performance, especially the male solo halfway through. 

We were seated on one of the sofas halfway in the stalls, which was kindly reserved for us as an apology when we weren't handed our tickets at the front door. Hats off to the staff who went waayyyy above and beyond to make us comfortable over a super minor issue! 

There's food and drink for sale in the undercroft, with ice cream, sweets, popcorn and a variety of drinks. I'd recommend eating properly before hand, as there isn't anything particularly substantial, and what there is is fairly expensive. There's another review that goes into the detail, but suffice it to say, if you want a snack plus a drink, you're looking at over £10 and you'll probably still be left wanting more! 

All in all, a really wonderful night out that went down a treat. 4 stars for the overall quality, but minus a star because of the prices! 


Well I do like Pina Coladas but not getting caught in the rain, on my visit to Backyard Cinema I most definitely got caught in the rain and there were no Pina Coladas on offer which was a little disappointing! However, we did have a great night!

I was really impressed with the setting and all the little touches along the way with the flip flops and palm tree shaped cup for our cocktails. We saw Pretty Woman and you can't really go wrong with this film in my opinion but it really made for a fun experience sitting in the comfy chairs in the sand. 

All of the staff were really lovely and friendly from start to end. It did say to arrive from 6:30 as doors open then however we did wait quite a while in a queue to get in and I wouldn't pay again for "premium seats" as not sure how they differed from any others. That being said, definitely the best pop up cinema I've been to!


Love Backyard Cinema! Each visit is a great experience combining immersive elements (not too much!) and an amazing movie selection. 

From the jungle they've moved to The Last Chapel, an abandoned church for a Tarantino's retrospective. Such a great theme! The decors are impressive and recreate perfectly the unique and kitch atmosphere of his filmography. Definitely recommend as it's the occasion to watch or re-watch some of classic movies such as Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, The Hatefull Eight in a quirky location, snuggled up in a very comfy beanbags while drinking themed inspired cocktails. 

Already looking forward the next theme! 


This place is great! What better way to chill and watch a movie then on decked out bean bags and an atmospheric setting. Everyone should get along to this funky immersive event! Be it with your date, a bunch of friends or treat the young kids and cater to their imagination!


Backyard Cinema... where to start! Part theatre, part cinema – it's an immersive experience that brings to life the chosen films. I went to see Reservoir Dogs as part of the Tarantino season currently running, and this time, was outfitted to resemble the infamous Last Chapel! I expected more of a buzzy atmosphere on arrival but for some reason, all of the Italian street food stalls were closed so it all looked a bit abandoned...which, to be fair, might've been the point (?!) 

There are a few theatrical surprises before the film even begins, and then you're welcomed into the cinema space itself. The beanbags were immensely comfortable! But be warned, they are all beanbags for those who have trouble sitting on low seats! No food or drinks are allowed in, but there is a bar with themed cocktails inspired by the films. 

Overall, you're paying more for the experience than the film, though it makes a difference if you know the story or the theme well, as you'll appreciate the theatre around it. For me, I loved it and felt the immersion really set Backyard Cinema apart from others. At around £19 for a ticket, I'd go again for a film I really loved! Though at that price, I'd also kinda have liked a bag of popcorn or a themed drink thrown in too... especially with the lack of food stalls around and the food and drink policy. 

Apart from that... Harry Potter next please?! ;D 


It seems that “immersive” theatre events are popping up all over the place at the moment, it’s the new big thing.. This one literally started in someone’s backyard, so the story goes! We visited the Lost Chapel to see the Tarantino classic, Pulp Fiction. The film of course was fantastic, but these events aren’t really about the movie itself. It’s all about the setting, atmosphere and attention to detail. Although this isn’t in the same league as Secret Cinema, it was still good and a bit more reasonably priced. The little one man sketch at the beginning was a nice touch and the cinema area was fantastically eerie.

We were a little disappointed that the bar had run out of the advertised Holy Water cocktail including the souvenir bottles. A shame as we were only in the second group of people to enter the chapel! However the long island iced tea cola float was delicious and perfectly matched to Mia’s beverage of choice in the film. The beanbag chairs are amazing too (we want them at home!), so cosy and a great way to watch the big screen. Just don’t try to get up too many times.. It takes a lot of effort!


Creative, cool and so much fun. This is funkiest immersive cinema experience in London.

You cannot fault Backyard Cinema for lack of innovation. They always manage to convert what would probably be a redundant old space in the Mercato food market into the most awesome cinematic space complete with comfy bean-bags, decor themed entirely around the movie, and importantly, also a bar!

They go all-out when it comes to making you feel immersed in the movie. The first time I came to it was to see the new Jungle Book; you had to trek through a jungle over heavy boulders to enter. Okay, they were foam, and the stretch was less than a meter long, but still.

Then Love Actually was done up like a winter wonderland and ended with a sprinkling of snow. But the best- so far- has been the Quintin Tarantino specials, Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. The cinema became an old cathedral that you enter after an intro in an office that looks like a movie set (I won't give anything away but it puts you on edge and really does make you feel immersed!).

You can then chill out on your bean bag, enjoy a few drinks and look forward to the movie.

What's next on their line-up? I can't wait to see!


Went to see Reservoir Dogs at the latest incarnation of Backyard Cinema as The Last Chapel. The skits were fun, the bean bags - comfy and a lot of effort has been put in the decor. But I am unsure that I would call it an immersive cinema experience or that I would pay £18 for it. Especially as no food or drink can be taken in.

Their latest production is very weak. I was tricked into going by most of these other reviews that read very much ike they were written by friends of the company. 

What a great way to get into the festive mood.

Step into another world, grab a drink and a bean bag - and settle down to a screening of Love Actually.

Top night out with #TimeOutBlack


By now, everyone will have heard of Backyard Cinema and for good reason: it’s awesome.

Started by a group of mates in their backyard (D’uh!), the idea swiftly caught on and has since been brought to London’s backyard. It’s been a pop-up for a while, popping across different sites across the capital, but this is their first permanent spot.

About 7 minutes walk away from Borough tube station, Backyard Cinema is all about theatrics and immersion. Even before you enter the cinema, you have to scramble through a small opening ominously signposted “Lost World” and navigate your way through a “jungle” before emerging on the other side where the show starts. It’s super cool and a way of helping intrepid moviegoers leave the real world behind.

The seats come in the form of giant bean bags and are really comfy. I was virtually lying on my back the entire show. Just like the entrance, the cinema  has been transformed to look like you’re in the middle of a jungle rather than a backyard in central London. If you’re feeling peckish, drinks and snacks are available at the back of the cinema which means you don’t have to ask your mate what you missed when you get back in your bean bag.

At £16.50 a ticket it’s not cheap and prevents me from giving this a 5-star night out. But you’re guaranteed a truly immersive cinema experience unlike anywhere else in London.

Great for an evening out with mates, and even better on a date night, I highly recommend catching a movie at Backyard Cinema.

A top class cinematic experience! Absolutely no expense spared on the props and dressing at the recent Romeo and Juliet stint. I visited with my sister in law and as soon as we stepped through the door, you could tell it was going to be WOW!

These guys really put the effort into what they do and this is apparent in the extremely efficient way the event was run. Chilled out staff, special mention to Daniella who took one look at my puffy, eight months preggers face and got us seated straight away. That gesture made our night.

It really is an immersive cinematic experience and we loved every minute of it. The live choir were just perfection.

Thanks for having us!

Xuxa and Lauren


"Brotheeers and Sisteeers togeeeether we'll make it throooooough...."

Hearing Everybody's Free sung by a live choir sent shivers down my spine, bringing one of my all time favourite films to life. Well done Backyard Cinema. You took a great film and made it even greater! 

Not wanting to spoil any surprises, I'll try and keep my lips sealed, but I can guarantee you're in for a good time. 

Bring plenty of cash if you're planning on buying drinks and snack (a dash too pricey, but that's not a dampener) and arrive as early as you can to bag a seat of your choice.


I recently went to a screening of Romeo and Juliet complete with live choir (great job Some Voices!), cocktails, a sweets bar, church location and decorations that Baz Luhrmann would be proud of - it was incredible!

The bar area is separate from the screening so you can chill there beforehand enjoying a drink and not worry too much about having too arrive early for good seats - people in the same areas get called at the same time just before the show.

There is a mixture of deckchairs and sofas. I was sat on a sofa which was fairly uncomfortable so I'd try for a deck chair if I went again, but overall the church looked like it had been plucked from the film, and the choir and movie were so good that it didn't take away from the experience.

Are requests being taken for the next film screening? If so, Sister Act. Just saying.


Abso-bloody-lutely fantastic. Backyard cinemas just hosted Baz Luhrman's Romeo & Juliet in a church with a live choir. That concept in itself is basically genius. Tie a great film (which happens to have a great soundtrack) with a beautiful sounding choir and an epic backdrop and it's bound to be delightful. 

The staff were friendly and helpful, ticketing and entry were a breeze and there was a great little pop up bar in the downstairs of the Church (who knew you could host a decent party in a Church?) Snacks and drinks were readily available and were quite delicious. 

The film was atmospheric and projected well without hitches. The live choir singing Des'ree's Kissing You was beautiful and the acoustics were fab. It made the film all the more real and engaging. 

I drop a star just because the seating was a little uncomfortable - make sure you bag the deckchairs (which are super comfy, I've been in them before) rather than the sofas. 2 hours sat square like that next to others who are cramming you over the edge isn't great and we had a case of numb-bum for an hour or so afterwards! That aside, even with the dodgy seating - I'd highly recommend and I loved every minute. 

Well done Backyard. 

Had a fantastic time at backyard cinema (Romeo & Juliet) the other night, the whole production was brilliant. The setting in the church was so beautiful (and warm!) and the live choir addidion felt really emersive and atmospheric. I'll definitely be back!

Absolutley amazing event from beginning to end. I had no idea what to expect and was surprised at every turn, great atmosphere, comfy and quirky seats and the choir were just the best touch. 
Pulled off the really tough feat of making a very well known and loved classic movie even better. Will be keeping an eye on their next events for sure!


I had an absolute blast last night with BYC seeing Romeo & Juliet at St Mary's Church in Marylebone. 
Being my first BYC event, I didn't quite know what to expect and how smoothly a live choir would be incorporated into the film but it did not disappoint. There was a real feeling of suspense queuing and waiting to get in as you were instantly immersed into a set of one of the scenes in the film - they carried the theme through very well. First impression was great. Second impression was the staff - SO friendly, upbeat, bubbly and helpful, and I mean ALL of them were like this, even the security guards (which is rare!) 

The choir was such a lovely touch and made all the poignant moments in the film even more romantic/ sad. I sat in the stalls but can't imagine that any of the seats offered a bad view as the screen is so high up. It didn't feel cramped and the seats were nice and comfy with lots of legroom (for tall people like me).
Downstairs at the bar was great too, it felt like a really quirky place to be with a lot of socialising space. However, and this really is my only qualm, the prices for snacks and drinks was pretty high! My friend got a 'glass' of wine which cost £6.50 and I got a glass of prosecco for £7.50. Attached are pics, one of which shows the size of the glasses in relation to a candle holder on one of the tables! The prosecco glass size was fine (but still a tad steep for £7.50!) but the wine glass was tiny!!
The overall experience is definitely worth the ticket price, and more, but it would be great if they brought their food and drink prices down. Either way, thumbs up and I can't wait to hear about the next screening! 

Agreed, the catering is very limited and they kind of ram their partners down your throat. 

This event is quite good, but I think all these comments are from friends. It doesn't compare with other events like Nomad or Rooftop Film Club. 

I could not recommend BYC more!! I've been three times already to different events and had such an amazing unique night each time!! Not to mention...the staff are all dreamboats too!! Can't wait for Romeo and Juliet!!

An amazing twist on the traditional cinema experience! I went to one of these events with my girlfriend and it was a absolutely lovely way to spend the afternoon. We went to the set up in Winterville over christmas and you could see the attention to detail the staff paid to create a magical, christmas atmosphere in the space - complete with a photobooth! Friendly staff, great service, and I would recommend these events to anybody looking for a way to watch a film in a more enjoyable enviormnent or anybody looking for something a little different to do in London. 


What a fab evening to have! I went for the Amy Winehouse night and it was brilliant. The setting was sublime,covered by a sheet of fairy lights and 200 deck chairs/beanbags with every seat taken up by an eager cinema goer. 

The staff are lovely,friendly and seem to be equally as excited as the punters. What a nice bunch! Also a very reasonable £30 for the film,an honest burger with fries (yum btw) and a drink.

If you can catch any of the events going on over the next few days do! I would highly recommend it : )


Outdoor cinema. It's as much a part of London summertime as picnics in the park and spotting inappropriately dressed people. Having loved Luna last year, this time it was the turn of Backyard Cinema in bustling Camden to reaffirm my love for all things celluloid, all things outdoors and all things London. 

The threat of rain had hung over us all day but by 7pm, the air was cool and more importantly, the deckchairs were dry. Arriving at the easy-to-find Camden Lock location we were greeted by delightfully friendly staff - FYI everyone who works there seems genuinely thrilled to see you which in turn makes you super excited you came - who swapped our print-at-home tickets for proper, old-school cinema passes and directed us to the Cuban Screen. 

The regular screen has got a splendid schedule of classic cinematic gems whereas the Cuban, new this year, has pledged to show slightly less mainstream, slightly more off-beat movie choices and our pick of the genuinely hilarious 'What We Do In The Shadows' was the perfect example of this. Tucked a minutes walk from the box office & main screening area, the Cuban only has 50 seats so every one - a 1950's Morecambe inspired striped deckchair - has a great view of the screen and at only £14 per ticket, this definitely feels like a steal compared to some of the city's shabbier, dubiously-sticky-underfoot & overpriced multiplexes.

Multicoloured bulbs & fringed bunting add to the chilled-party feel of the area, the whole vibe is totally relaxed and frankly, once you've filled your belly from nearby Honest Burger, let that first Kona Pale Ale wash away the cares of the week and sunk back into your seat, you could not be more chilled out. The first few drops of rain heralded the speedy distribution of free ponchos that just added to the this-could-only-happen-in-England-and-we-love-it feeling and although 50% of the sold out audience had been scared off by the rain, if the laughter, clapping & general merriment of those around us was anything to go by, a flipping fantastic evening was had by all. Backyard Cinema, we salute you.

Thoroughly enjoyed our night out with Backyard Cinema. We went to see Blues Brothers on the cobbles in Camden last summer, great atmosphere, people dancing, live brass band. Honest Burger did some great food all topped off with a couple of bottles of Prosecco. Just booked out tickets for Birdman this year, really excited!

Such a good night out in London, something different to do, Definitely recommended.

Backyard Cinema is such a chilled out way to watch your fav film. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and the big beanbags are awesome! Can't wait to go to again this summer! :) 

Have seen a few of these, and in different locations. The Stone Roses: Made of Stone in Camden Market last summer was an awesome experience.  

A great way to spend a summer's evening with the other half or a group of mates. Would highly recommend for a night out.  

The burgers are pretty good too!!

I went to see Romeo & Juliet at St Mary's Church & it's safe to say it was the first time I've ever spent my Friday night in a church! The church itself looked amazing & the whole experience was memorable to say the least: we settled into our deck chairs with a bottle of prosecco & soaked up the atmosphere - it was a unique experience that I'd recommend to any cinema fans/ anyone looking to do something a bit unusual in London...

I headed to Camden Lock Series over the Summer and it became my favorite alternative cinema experience, which as a film buff and events producer is no mean feat. 

As this was the first event of the series my expectations were low, but from the moment I entered the market I felt at home.The place looked great, the food and drink options were spot on.  There was a real buzz about the place, the kind that only happens across London parks in the summer (you know what I mean) 

Much cheaper than competitor events and perfectly run.  Without asking the team distributed fresh blankets as soon as the sun went down as if I were in my own living room.  An intimate experience, a home from home. The perfect place for a date, or just to kick back in a special location and enjoy London at it's best. 

Been there twice.  Both times were flat out excellent, and in very different ways too.  

The first was in the old debating chamber of the old Bethnal Green Town Hall, which made a spectacular and incredibly well judged setting in which to watch the Great Gatsby (it more than compensated for the relatively mediocrity of the film).  Food was served which came from the (then) michelin starred chefs in the restaurant downstairs.  Brilliant.

The second was the post-apocolyptic zombie distopia which BYC created last haloween.  It was immersive in the truest sense, it had impressive attention to detail (punchdrunk-esque, though on a much smaller scale) and came with a twist in the tale that scared the sh*t out of me.

Great work.  Can't wait to go back.

A must visit for anyone who wants a truly authentic cinema experience! 

A few of us went to Camden for the outdoor showing of The Blues Brothers, and then the Halloween event in East London and both were amazing - the attention to detail made it feel like a really special night out - hope BYC do more events like it this year

First went to their Camden gig & loved it, then to their Halloween event. I literally love these guys, great night out :)

Fantastic experiences, great good, drinks and a quality film. Despite the mini hangover I seemed to give myself I'll be going back 

Food, fun and a great curated selection of movies -  A proper cinema experience. 

Looking forward to going back! 

Am so excited for this!  

Movies - good

Burgers - good

Beer - good

What's not to like?

This is how cinema should be! Been to a couple of events and will definitely be back again this summer. Who doesn't want to see films with proper food and booze!? Camden is such a good venue, good to see them back for another year. Reserve my bean bag!

Back yard cinema....absolutely loved it...such a good way to spend a summers evening, grab a cold cider, an immense burger and get cosy under the stars to watch a well chosen movie in excellent surroundings. What more do you need...the owner clearly has a passion for putting on the best viewing experience possible and this is reflected in the little touches here which make for a quality night out. I'm hoping to fit in a few of these over the summer, can't recommend it highly enough.

Went to this last year in Camden, in the summer and again at Halloween. It was absolutely amazing, great crowd, big beanbags, blankets and the best burger I've eaten. Definitely going back this year.

I am so happy to see this back in Camden again this year. Last yeah was amazing! We had so much fun and although you could tell it was a bit new and clunky the organizers made you really feel a part of it and looked to be having such a great time. Amazing films and great setting. Nice to get beanbags instead of the floor too! I highly recommend. 

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Uncomfortable seats, rude staff and expensive food.