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London’s best cinemas

From single-screen arthouses to massive multiplexes, these are London’s finest cinemas as voted by Time Out readers and critics


Which is the best cinema in London for watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster? Where do you go if you want to see a film but don’t want to spend a fortune on a ticket? And what if you care as much about munchies as you do about movies?

We carried out a huge reader survey to get your thoughts on London’s best cinemas. The result was a list of 25 movie theatres, covering everything from beloved local film houses to big out-of-town multi-screen megaplexes. Then, adding our own research and expertise into the mix, we produced 11 more in-depth pieces focusing on specific categories of cinema, including the best places to go if you're after a cheap night out, a great dinner or a cosy date. The result is the definitive survey of London cinemas – there really is something for everyone here.