Rooftop Film Club: Peckham Rye

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Catch a movie under the stars at the top of the Bussey Building in SE15, with panoramic views over the city

Remember to keep your eyes on the film and not on the Instagram-friendly 360° view over of London at the Peckham outpost of the Rooftop Film Club. The sunset panoramas will have you reaching for your cameraphone as soon as you arrive.

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The 2019  season kicks off in May, screening films five nights a week, with comfy directors' chairs, cosy blankets and wireless headphones. Film-wise it's a mix of recent hits, ’80s favourites and tried-and-tested classics beamed out on a state-of-the-art DCP projector. 

Tickets are £15.95, or £21.95 each for a love seat for two and bottomless popcorn. 

The roof space and bar open at 6pm. Screenings start at sunset (check your ticket for the exact time). Food and drink are available.

And check out the Rooftop Film Club's venues in Shoreditch and Stratford.

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Absolutely wow-worthy! That's pretty much all I can say about this open air cinema. But i'll go on! 

Firstly... I know it's a rooftop but when you get to the top you'll be breathless (not just from the stairs) because the view is incredible. We were lucky to get there right on sunset and it was amazing – pictures don't do it justice. The food was pretty decent too. We had a few vegan and pulled pork tacos with a couple of caronas... can't really beat that! 

Now... to the cinema... We were given headphones and blankets (ask for two if you can because it got quite cold) and we made our way to the back of the seating area. Let me say that watching a movie in this setting is definitely a must do, oh and the popcorn was top-shelf! The only small point I would make is that it would be great if some warm drinks were sold.. imagine sipping on some hot chocolate, rugged up and watching a movie... bliss! 


For as long as I have been in London I have wanted to go to an open air cinema, and what better way than a rooftop cinema! My friend and I went along to watch Romeo & Juliet, everything about the venue is instagramable and the concept is fantastic although personally I think it's a seasonal one - definitely great for summer, sadly the night we went on it was freezing and windy, and sat on a rooftop was quite uncomfortable so we ended up leaving half way through the film. Some tweaks could probably be made to make it more winter friendly, even though we were offered blankets I think patio heaters would be great and also some chairs that didn't let the cold go right through them.

The views however are absolutely stunning and we were treated to the most beautiful sunset.


I think this, as a concept, is a great one. Sitting under the stars watching one of your favourite films - how glorious. But the reality: I froze my tits off for 2 and a half hours in a very uncomfortable deck chair, wrapped in 3 blankets that I had to arrange over my face in a (failed) attempt to keep me warm which caused some issues when wanting to see the screen! The film was great (I knew it would be, I've seen it dozens of times) but I'd rather have watched it in the warmth of my own home - or at least been given some extra sources of heat while we watched - a hot chocolate maybe, or patio heaters, or another dozen blankets! It just wasn't enjoyable because I was too busy fearing i'd catch hypothermia! Maybe in the Summer this would work, but at the beginning of Autumn - nope.

On a slightly more positive note, the soft shell tacos were utterly delicious!


The View: What can I say, it's pretty exceptional. The venue offers incredible views across London's skyline and half the fun of going to Rooftop Film Club is sitting with a drink and taking in the city. 

The Food: I had a vegan taco that quite frankly was one of the best things I have ever eaten - spicy mayo and pomegranate - yes please!

The Film: We went to see Romeo and Juliet, always a winner and made me weep

The Venue: The venue is very cool and would be great even if you were just there to use the bar. The two separate areas is a nice touch as it gives plenty of space for people to relax before the film .

The experience: I must stress that I love Rooftop Cinema as a concept. However, we were absolutely freezing! Blankets were provided but I had four over me and still couldn't feel my fingers. I fear that even on the hottest day you'd have to wrap up pretty warm. Especially as you have to wait for darkness to be able to see the film. Other than that it is wonderful and nice to do something different!


I mean, who can say no to an amazing view, deck chairs and a great film. Definitely not me! I love the Rooftop Cinema and always try to get here at least once each summer. Since my last visit, the roofbar has been improved with seating and even a food stall (taco heaven).

Its so lovely to sit and get ready for a film with snacks whilst watching the sun go down. Once it was dark it was pretty chilly so was super happy that blankets were given out.

Only friend and I had a great time, would definitely recommend for locals and tourists alike.


Wonderful little place in Peckham, perfect for a date! The rooftop itself is amazing, you get stunning views over London and you can get lovely food (I had amazing vegan tacos) and drinks. 

The cinema itself is nicely laid out, seats are comfy and if you go there with a date you can have a special seat to cuddle up together :) the choice of movies is usually very cool, from old school classics to more modern films. Such an amazing discovery, I'm looking forward to the Summer to go there again!


I watched Romeo and Juliet here on a midweek evening. It was an unusual yet pleasant experience watching a movie on a rooftop. I sat in a lounger wrapped in a blanket, munching popcorn and drinking beer throughout the movie. Shame it was rather cold so I was shivering a bit despite wearing my autumn clothes.

The Bussey building where the cinema is located at looked abandoned, but once I climbed several flights of stairs I arrived at a nice rooftop bar. The view of London skyline, the simple bar/food stall and warm lightings made the atmosphere romantic. I would recommend this cinema for a date night.


This is quite a hidden gem in south London.

After going through what can only be described as dodgy ally's and going up the stairs of what looks like a abandoned building, you get to the top and find a really cool rooftop, with amazing views, nice food and drinks. The cinema setup is really nice and cozy and if you are worried about the cold, the staff will give you as many blankets as you want.

We saw Romeo and Juliet and we truly enjoyed the evening.


What a way to watch a movie! We saw Romeo & Juliet, which I hadn't seen in its entirety before but I loved the movie and the Rooftop Film Club experience. The rooftop bar was breathtaking, I can't believe I didn't know this spot existed! What a spot for a warm summer's evening to watch the sunset. Even so, it was just as nice on a chilly Autumn's eve. 

We had some taco's before heading in (pulled pork was on point) and I was a bit disappointed in myself for filling up on taco's and being too full for the delicious smelling popcorn on the way into the 'theatre'. This was another wow moment for me, what a backdrop to watch a film! The deckchairs were super comfy, and the angle is perfect so you won't have anything blocking your view. It was a wee bit chilly, and even though I prepared with a warm coat and beanie we were grateful for all the blankets the staff were equipped with to hand out to us all. Headphones mean zero interruptions during the show too. All in all an absolutely wonderful Thursday night out - perfect for a date night. If you are planning on heading there this August I would recommend rugging up and stocking up on the blankets :) 


I couldn't think of a better, more romantic way to watch a film than something like the Rooftop Film Club in Peckham. The location is ideal for me living in South East London already, and when you get up on that roof you're transported to somewhere a far cry from Peckham! 

The deck chairs are adorable, and surprisingly comfortable but bear in mind that they show the films even in the rain, so thanks to the great British weather, if you're not prepared you may get wet!


What could be better than watching a movie in the open air under the stars?! This is a fantastic venue, although it’s not in the most favourable neighbourhood. In fact, we wondered what we had let ourselves in for when we walked out of Peckham Rye station and to the building! However, the atmosphere on the rooftop couldn’t be more different! Beautiful and atmospheric, with little twinkling fairy lights and light music. Wonderful.

The burgers from the stands are delicious and surprisingly well priced. The popcorn is really good too and offered as sweet, salty or a mix of both. For the main event, the film is shown on a huge screen in front of comfy deck chairs. Blankets are even provided for those chilly British nights. Just remember to take a brolly in case it rains!


I love rooftops and I love films so it was one of the first things I did this summer! Such a nice evening out. Bussey Building is a wonderful venue, industrial, unique, with lots of stuff going on. On its rooftop there is a bar and a cinema. The bar serves delicious cocktails and the bartenders are so friendly. There is also some delicious Italian style food. The steak sandwich was to die for! The doors to the cinema usually open around 8:45. The staff is so friendly and they provide you with a blanket to keep you warm, because it can get very chilly up there! Be sure you wear warm clothes. Make sure you get enough of the stunning views. You will get to see the best urban sunset ever (well, second best, I think the best is at the Sky Garden). They have a great selection of movies for all tastes so make sure you go through the programme and chose carefully! After buying your tickets you can't do much but pray for nice weather. I have experienced both great and awful constantly raining weather and as you may have guessed I enjoyed the former much more! There's still plenty of movies left before August is over so book a ticket, what are you waiting for?


What a place to watch movies! The view over London is to die for! I absolutely love watching movies here. The movie selection is good. They have blankets and ponchos on days the London weather is not playing ball. 


I've attended Rooftop Film Club before, but this was my first visit to the Bussey Building; which is odd as it's my nearest venue. As I entered the CLF Art Cafe (the Bussey building) I couldn't help but think what an odd little venue, literally tucked away behind the hustle and bustle of Rye Lane. Who knew... Walking up 5 floors was no easy task and I was huffing, puffing and (at least in my head) blowing the house down. However, the walk was worth it...just for the views! The view is absolutely breathtaking, you could see the great West/East End skylines... only a bus ride away. The London Eye, was particularly eye catching. We went to see Straight Outta Compton/ not for the first time. When we got there, they exchanged our vouchers for wristbands and gave us free popcorn (included with our Time Out ticket) and then we chose our seats. The astro turf and deckchairs were particularly pleasing on such a lovely sunny evening. Before eating (but after choosing seats), we bought food, a steak sandwich and rice balls, and drinks from the bar. The food had the potential to be very tasty but was served stone cold, no napkins were available and it was overpriced. Drinks in the VERY BUSY rooftop bar were very reasonably priced however. Before the film started, the host cheerfully addressed the crowd, wishing us a good time and then we were underway. Straight Outta Compton is already a classic in my opinion, so if you haven't seen it already, do so! After over 2hrs, it was time to get up and go. A great evening overall, great atmosphere and eagerly anticipated every year (by me at least), I really enjoyed myself. Two tips: firstly sit near the speakers as we had absolutely no complaints over sound. Secondly, wrap up with the blankets as it gets really chilly, come sunset!

It's great when fab things collaborate... A cool venue, amazing views, a genius concept in rooftop movies, a rewarding membership program in the Time Out Card, wicked good cocktails and the English weather being favourable!! A very good night out. Thanks very much.

Watched "Stand By Me " on a gloried even care of those wonderful folk at Time Out Card ! Great film and truly amazing venue ! Amazing 360 views of our great city . Pilgrim Pizza and extraordinary cocktails . A very special evening . Great film great location. Great night ! Thank you Time Out Card !

What a wonderful way to start the week! First time at the Rooftop Film Club for me and Emma W - but would definitely go again. Bar was fun, blankets were a necessity (it does cool down!). But as the temperature dropped with the sun, the views got better and better. The natural sound effects of planes overhead and trains down below only added to the nostalgic soundtrack of 'Stand By Me' (goodness, was it really 1986 when I last saw this gem?!). A last lingering look out over the Londinium skyline before leaving reminded us just what a wonderful place it can be. (the moody pic is EW’s!)


We had such a great time at the Rooftop Film Club in Peckham Rye last night! The venue is full of wonderful patina, the views are stunning, the food (wood over pizza!) and drinks are reasonably priced.

We started off gazing at the Shard in the distance and sipping on a cider. After ordering some pizza and claiming some blankets (2 each - it was a chilly night), we took our seats and chilled out with a pint in our hands watching a beautiful sunset. whilst waiting for the film to start. By the time the film started, I felt like I had already enjoyed myself much, much, more than on your average cinema excursion.

Rooftop Film Club is a cinema experience like to no other and you'd be a damned fool to miss it!

Went for the Time Out Cardholder film screening and had a great time.  This was the first time we have been to a Rooftop Film Club and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  The sound and image quality were fine, it wasn't particularly chilly but the blankets were welcome.  Blend the great views and the rich colours of the twilight sky framing the screen and all round this was a special experience.

Great night out. Arrived early, in time for drinks and food. Delicious pizza made in wood oizza oven. Chilly evening, though blankets handed out, which helped. Fabulous views of London by night. Would definitely go again.

What a GREAT night. Although there was a chill in the air, I wrapped myself in the blankets provided by British Airways (I asked for more than one) and sat back to enjoy Sunshine on Leith. The whole experience was uplifting. The venue, the movie, the views, the bar and delicious hot dogs. As planes flew overhead I could not help reflecting on the wonderful freedoms we enjoy in London, and feeling sad for those in Syria and other parts where the sound of aircraft bring fear. Rooftop Film Club is special. 

fantastic views... it is right next to the franks cafe... the food is good and ofcourse beers (and drinks) are available they provided us with blankets as it did get a bit chilly in the night would recommend to go there better than shoreditch one as you get much much better views of the city