Time Out Loves Christmas Movies

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Time Out Loves Christmas Movies
David Tett

Watch Time Out's favourite Christmas movies in a magical winter wonderland setting.

We’ve been making a list, and checking it twice, full of our favourite festive flicks. Now, we want you to come and watch them with us in a pop-up winter wonderland for our merry movie marathon: ‘Time Out Loves Christmas Movies’.

We’ve teamed up with brand-new Elephant & Castle venue Lost Rivers Elephant and transformed it into a tinsel-strewn, snow-covered extravaganza where you can settle down and watch a veritable feast of Christmas movie magic, including ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ (both the 1947 and 1994 versions), ‘Home Alone’, ‘Bad Santa’, ‘Die Hard’, 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' and 'The Santa Clause'. There's also a special preview screening of 'The Muppet Christmas Carol'. 

Tuck into tasty food and drink while you watch, and hang around after the screening for a party packed with music and performers. It'll be Christmas come early, we promise. Take a look at the full programme and book your tickets here.

Doors to the main space open at 6.30pm and the screening starts at 7pm. The bar opens at 5pm and will be open after the film finishes. 


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At this time of the year, there is no shortage of pop up cinemas in London, so I was excited to see what the Lost Rivers in Elephant and Castle had to offer. The movie showing this night was “jingle all the way” a movie I had not seen. 

The cinema ’s itself is behind the actual bar and can be tricky to find, so best you ask if you are unsure. It is decorated to the extreme with Christmas decor and lights, what you would expect really but I did enjoy it. There is a bar at the back serving Mulled Wine and pizza that you can order and they will bring it to you while you watch the movie. Both the pizza and wine were good, nothing spectacular but good. 

The seats were not the most comfortable, so I was relieved that the movie was quite short, but blankets are provided to keep warm. 

After the movie is where things got interesting, we were asked to stay for the post-movie entertainment. Bare in mind 2 things; we had just watched a family-friendly movie and this was a Wednesday night and there were not a lot of people out. Starting with an awkward game of pass the parcel, good idea but not enough people, then on to what I can only describe as the biggest “what the heck did I just watch?” moment of 2017, A woman dressed as I think a teddy bear started stripping to rap music! Yes I kid you not, and it was the strangest, funniest thing ever, but most of all a bit disturbing, so be warned.  Then a drag queen making pancakes while she sang to Christina Aguilera. Though I have very fond and fun memories from this night it was more because it was so unexpected, but for £17 a ticket at the time, would I return? Probably not. 


This pop up cinema is fun but be warned, if youre like me, you need plenty of time to find it. I came out of the tube exit which was a different exit to a friend and it was like walking through a lot shopping malls to find it! Still when i finally got there, we went to the bar to get a drink and the prices were ok but best off the staff were lovely. We ordered food and was amazed at how big the portions were. 

There's also some instagrammable shots of a sleigh, so its all good fun really and sets the scene of what Christmas film youre going to watch. 

I really loved the idea of benches in front of you for your drinks and snacks. More cinemas need to do this! 

My top tip: Bring warm clothes, theres blankets which is very thoughtful however you need more than that :) 


This pop-up cinema is located in a sort of barn, for lack of a better word, behind Elephant & Castle station.

This particular setting makes the inside quite cold but some blankets are provided which makes sitting for two hours more bearable but still plan to layer up.

When I first walked in, I was quite impressed by the amazing Xmas decoration with 100 year-old wooden sleighs, giant Teddy bears and other fairy lights.

I also thought the staff at the bar was really friendly.

There were classic Winter tipples available as well as food but not sure of the quality as I haven't had any.

After the film, there is a one-hour cabaret show which is quite fun.

My first pop up cinema experience in this venue was planned for more than a month, I was very excited, my boyfriend booked tickets and we wanted to start December with Scrooged Christmas movie.

I will never come back, never recommend this venue to anybody. The movie was cancelled with notification being sent only 40 minutes before movie was supposed to start ( btw I was already on my way to the venue as commute in London doesn't take 5 minutes)

Timeout should remove this cinema from their web as the service was horrible, nobody contacted us regarding refund or what to do with tickets. 


I took my mum along for her first pop up cinema experience to watch Home Alone. The venue itself was very quirky and festively decorated, there was even a sleigh you could have your photo taken in whilst the snow machine was going above you. The only downside to the night was how cold it got in the venue. As soon as the film started, all of the lights were turned off and the chill came. This wasn’t helped by late comers opening and closing the doors for the first half hour of the film. There was supposedly blankets being handed out however we didn’t manage to get one. Overall we had a good night watching the film with the aroma of mulled wine filling the room. We did leave feeling very Christmassy. I'm sure this place will get better in time, however it seems they still have some work to do.


I was really excited to start feeling Christmassy at Jingle All The Way. Despite some trouble finding the location I got there nice and early to get in some mulled wine and pizza before the movie started. Believe me, you're going to want that mulled wine because it's a chilly venue! Whilst a fair bit of effort has gone into making it a Christmassy vibe, I think more could have been done, it's a large space so the decoration felt a bit sparse. 

The movie was a great choice, fortunately there were blankets to snuggle under but it was still uncomfortably cold. Perhaps this was to add to the Christmas vibe?!

We were asked to stay behind after the film for the festive entertainment which sounded exciting so we did. That's where it all got a bit odd. We did a sort of festive pass-the-parcel game which got a little awkward because there were so few people in the audience and not many were really prepared to interact. I suppose they just came to watch a movie like me. Then we watched a woman dressed as an Ewok do a strip show??! The most bizarre and awkward thing I've experienced in a while. Not least because I took my younger brother along with me!! Some warning might have been nice to be honest. We also watched a drag queen cook a pancake. I really don't know how this was supposed to be festive or entertaining. I think it was some sort of warm up show as they plugged another show they were doing.

To be honest at £17 a ticket this was a little underwhelming. It has potential for sure but I probably wouldn't go again.


I popped along to watch ‘Jingle All the Way’ the other night. I hadn’t been to one of these Christmas pop up movies before so I was over the moon to see the Christmas decorations and sleigh that you can take snaps in. My friend and I ended up watching the entire film in the sleigh which was super fun!

Yep I can confirm it’s a chilly chilly venue - so wrap up! I can also confirm that the mulled wine is lovely 👌🏻 I got the pigs in blankets which were nice but feel there could have been bigger portions. My friend got a pizza and that was really yummy! I think they really could work on their presentation, drinking mulled wine out of a half filled southern comfort paper cup kind of felt like they ran out of cups and found these under the stairs.

Also I think the Venue needs to sort out the toilet situation....not sure if there was a naturalist theme happening...cos one of the ladies toilets had no door on it. You probably could sit on the loo and watch the movie LOL Another one had a broken lock, so effectively there was only one ladies which was fine as my screening was only half full but could be annoying with a full house!

Overall I think this place is still working out some kinks but overall a good start. Not sure it’s worth the £17 quiet yet though guys!


Never been to a pop up cinema before and I have to say it was a great experience!

The pop up location was pretty cool and festively decorated with a slay where you could have your picture taken.

Watching a film with mulled wine in one hand a Slice of pizza in the other - pretty ideal! I went for the truffle mushroom and ham pizza, really tasty!

The entertainment afterwards was pretty interesting - a dancing bear stripping off to “my neck my back” can’t say I have seen anything like it, but very amusing!

Overall a lovely but cold evening! If you get the chance to go, make sure you wrap up warm!


As much as I enjoyed the film (Jingle All The Way) screened last night, the overall experience was pretty average. The pop-up location looked festive and was decently decorated - a sleigh that people could sit on to snap pictures, multicoloured fairy lights above the seating, and a very cabin-like feel - but it was really cold! I was shivering throughout the movie, even with blankets provided and my coat on. This obviously hindered my experience of watching the film. 

In terms of food, I had a pizza topped with mushrooms, ham, and truffle oil. This actually tasted pretty good because the mushrooms used were different to those normally used on a pizza, the ham was flavourful, and the truffle oil added a nice smell and flavour. It worked out well because I had to omit the cheese, given that I'm lactose intolerant. I also went with some mulled wine, as it was rather cold and this too was done well. I could taste the spices as well as the alcohol, which was lovely. It also didn't take long for my pizza to be served (in a cute takeaway cardboard box), and just in time for the start of the film! 

Overall though, the cold really did affect my experience, which I understand is hard to control given that it's a pop-up location. But the film screened was great - funny and really got me into the Christmas mood! 


Had a really fun evening, but certain aspects had a 'thrown together' feel about them. I also feel that the ticket price is a bit steep for what you get, hence the 3 star rating.

First, the positives. Watching Christmas favourites with the scent of mulled wine in the air is a great way to get in the festive mood. It's a cool venue in an easy-to-reach location - very unassuming on the outside, but they've made it feel a bit festive on the inside. That being said, would definitely agree that it's hardly the Christmas section of Harrods - it's a big space to decorate to be fair, but decorations felt a bit half-arsed. 

The mulled wine was tasty and reasonably priced by London standards (£3.50 a cup), and all staff on the night were lovely. In terms of food, we had a pizza and a bratwurst. Both were a bit 'meh', so I'd suggest you get food from one of the other establishments just outside the venue. 

The cabaret entertainment at the end was completely bizarre but a lot of fun. All in all, we had a really enjoyable night - but it definitely wasn't a slick operation and doesn't warrant the £17pp ticket price. 

And if you do go, make sure you wrap up warm!

An awesome set up and a great movie (I watched "Jingle All The Way")! The only criticism I had was that it was very cold inside the venue - there may be a need to put a heater or two inside :) 


Having been to pop up cinemas before, this one didn't meet my expectations that much.

First of all, as @Dianne H has mentioned, more signs are needed for the entrance. I also thought I should enter from the bar.

As soon as I stepped in, I was hit by a strong smell of mulled wine which was, well, very Christmassy. However I think not much effort has been put into the Christmas decorations and bringing out the festive vibes.

I personally can't comment on the food or the drinks since I had had something beforehand and I just got some popcorn from the bar.

Again I agree with @Dianne H regarding the comfort of the chairs. Better chairs need to be provided to the price of the ticket. And for anyone going to this event in the coming days, don't forget to wrap yourself in layers of warm clothes as it is very cold. Freestanding heaters could have been used in the room.

The experience of watching a Christmas movie with a friend was enjoyable. However, we were quite surprised by the "festive entertainment" after the movie was finished.

I love Time Out and I trust them to make improvements to this event. Otherwise, it is not worth it. Backyard cinema which actually is in the same area gives a more pleasant experience.


I love a themed cinema night so this placed seemed right up my street, and even near me in South London which is unheard of! My experience was good-ish but there is definitely room for improvement in comparison to all the other cinema experiences in London. 

From the outside I was really excited to enter the shipping containers but couldn't find the entrance...definitely more signs needed as I ended up queuing at the bar to ask directions.  Once inside I was a little bit deflated at the lack of Christmas decorations as all of them seemed to be in one corner and the place was pretty cold.  I was a bit miffed at the menu which offered mulled cider and the bar staff said that was a mistake, I then ordered mulled wine which they were bringing in per cup from the other bar...all seemed a bit chaotic but the staff were all lovely and efficient.

Home Alone was great as always and I enjoyed the movie but a couple of things could really enhance customer experience such as a cloak over the entrance door as every time someone arrived late the place was awash with bright light.  They also need to leave a gap around both sides of the seating for late comers so everyone doesn't have to move down throughout the movie.  I'm also not sure why they offer to bring food to people in their seats as this disrupts everyone else when they are trying to find the right person.  For the price of a ticket I would also expect better seats than school chairs as I could get a nicer one at home on the sofa!

I'm sure this place will get better but it seemed like they've opened too early and still have work to do with the logistics of holding an event like this.


I didn’t know what to expect, because I’m never around Elephant& Castle area, so it was a pleasant surprise when I walked up to Lost Rivers Elephant and entered this cute bar pop- up, made out of recycledshippingcontainers. I think idea is brilliant and very well executed. Everything is very nicely decorated and bar staff very friendly. We had a drink and waited at the bar and then went to the cinema bit, which was amazing. Lovely Christmas decorations that made us feel festive, there was even fake snow! Bar at the end offers a variety of drinks and snacks, including mulled wine and mince pies, but they even do pizzas, which are delicious and big enough for 2.

Soon enough movie started and we spent next hour and half laughing to Home alone. Screen is big enough and chairs are positioned in a way you have a good amount of space and can see on the screen. If you sit on left side that is closer to the door, you might be quite cold, so wear something warm.
I think it was a brilliant experience, I loved the design of the place and the food. It’s nice to branch out to different parts of London, especially if you are like me and you stick mostly to your home neighbourhood ( East London).
I’d definitely recommend you get tickets to see one of the xmas movies they are playing this season, something different and cool.


After previously attending the greats of pop up cinema (rooftop cinema club and backyard cinema) I had high hopes for an evening at Lost Rivers Elephant.

We arrived around 6pm and went into the next door bar/games room for food (which was really good!) as we weren’t sure where the actual entrance was. There should definitely be more signage.

We headed into cinema before the start of the film and took our drinks from the bar. The bar inside was selling mulled wine and mince pies for a fiver which was a nice touch.

I really liked the venue and the decoration (including the sleigh and fake snow), however due to the big space it was a bit sparse. Not sure if it was due to the fake snow, but it was also absolutely freezing during the showing (may as well been sitting outside) so make sure you wrap up.

The seats weren’t the most comfortable - they were like what I used to sit on at school and encouraged us to leave straight after, therefore missing the cabaret.

In order to get more people to stay for the post film entertainment, I think the running order should be switched with the cabaret from 7 whilst people are eating/ drinking and then the film starting after (7pm is quite early compared to other pop up cinemas). Also needs some more heaters so people are comfortable and willing to stay later.

Overall a great idea, but a few tweaks needed to be a real success.

If your expecting this to be anything remotely like backyard cinema then think again. Community hall chairs, a few bits of tinsel and lights, a bar that ran out of hot mulled wine before the film started and it was about 2 degrees as the heaters were turned off. The film Elf is good though.

Overall a very disappointing date night that I sadly wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Big thumbs down timeout.


Make your list (of Christmas activities in London) and check it twice. Don't forget the Christmas movies. There are many pop-up Christmas cinemas in London, but 'TimeOut Loves Christmas Movies' gives you an extra gift of entertainment following the film. Christmas themed of course. Housed in shipping containers (it gets a bit chilly, so wear extra layers- Christmas sweaters preferably), the venue is decked out with decorations and feels very festive, the snow blower was a great addition. Staff were friendly and aimed to please. Arrive early to sit in the sleigh and play santa for a day! 


I went to the opening screening of Home Alone (one of my favourites!) - although the event is a really good concept, I think a few tweaks would make this even better. I'll start off with the positives - the space is actually really cool, Lost Rivers is made from recycled shipping containers and it's been nicely done up inside with Christmas decor and plenty of festive photo props. The staff were super welcoming (kudos to everyone behind the bar) and the pizza was delicious. As nice as the venue was, I would definitely come wrapped up as it was very cold inside! The entertainment after the film was really good, it was just a shame that so many people left after the film ended. If there had been an announcement given at some point earlier on in the evening we may have had more people stay. It was a tad awkward with such a small group left behind and I did feel bad for the performers as they were fab and I can't imagine it's easy performing to such a small crowd. The system of getting food to everyone could be improved as well, food was being brought to everyone after they had taken their seats but it was quite difficult for the staff to find people once the film had started. Overall a really lovely concept, just think a couple tweaks could make this even better.


This is a lovely idea but if a few things were changed it could've been a bit better. Firstly I imagined it to be cold because it's inside a sort of warehouse but it was very very cold. Secondly, I felt really sorry for the ladies/gentleman who provided the entertainment after the film, there should've been an announcement made by someone as soon as the film credits rolled so people didn't have the chance to leave. The film made me feel Christmasy, the decoration inside was lovely and at £10 for a bratwurst and a stein the prices were reasonable. I also liked the relaxed vibe there too. Overall, yes I would go again but I would wrap up a bit warmer. 


Not a Christmas miracle...

I really, really, really wanted to love this event/venue. I've been to similars before and I was looking forward to go, but the overall experience was flat.

I knew the screening is in a container,so I guessed it to be cold. I dressed appropriately, but still during the movie my legs were freezing. I didn't expect to have heaters all around, but some here and there would have been nice.

The service at the bar was slow although there were 3-4 bartenders and just a few customers. When I asked for popcorn the guy told me in a phlegmatic manner :" I'll give it to you when I find it..."In a pop-up cinema... 

I found the sound bad as well. I sat in the middle of the 5th row, the speakers from the left had deafening volume, I didn't hear very much from the right.

After all this, what did I like?

The whole idea is great, the venue is cool (pop-ups for the win), the decoration is heartwarming (lots of photo opportunities and even one display with a snow machine), the bar's menu has a good selection of food and drinks and the movie list would make every Christmas fan's heart beat faster.

Overall I wouldn't go to this venue again, but I don't want to discourage people either. The concept is good and maybe their Christmas spirit will keep them warmer than mine me.


An evening of Christmas films mulled wine and mince pies is a pretty perfect way to start the festivities. The Lost Rivers venue is a quirky pop-up in Elephant and Castle; it’s not a big space but is kitted out with tables, game corners and a couple of bars.

The movie screening section is in one of the warehouses, the place has been filled with Christmas trees, chairs and a big sleigh that – when sat on – will rain down fake snow. Mince pies and mulled wine are available for £5 with other snacks – nachos, cheese, pizza and fish and chips etc – is also sold but it’s not amazing food and service is slow so arrive early for the film.

As for the film itself, I watched Home Alone. The screen is pretty big so try not be late as you’ll end up craning your neck from the front. The place is very draft so wear lots of layers and maybe even bring a blanket. If you’re looking for a fun Christmassy event with your friends, this is a really fun night.


I visited the Lost Rivers Elephant for the first time last night with my boyfriend to watch Home Alone and we had a cracking time.

The venue is very hipster chic, it backs onto an industrial, box-park style area with numerous cool bars and restaurants so it's an ideal location if you want to grab a cheap drink or bite to eat. 

The venue itself offered hot and cold food that you could have during the showing - the menu was pretty Christmas themed: bratwurst, pizza, mince pies, pretzels, pigs in blankets, gingerbread and baked camembert with breadsticks and chutney (to name but a few). Alongside steins, mulled wine and cider (though they were out of mulled cider when we were there).

The bar was a little bit slow comparative to the number of people that were there but their cheery personalities made up for the lag. 

The decor itself was very Christmassy (obviously) with a little sleigh etc. (which was perfect for taking cringe selfies), fairy lights and the such. 

The only thing that let it down was how cold it was (sitting still in an unheated industrial unit isn't going to be the cosiest) so ideally, there could have had some kind of blanket supply with a disposit scheme - as this really would have turned up the cosy notch. 

However, overall, it was a great date night and I would definitely head back to the venue. 


Had a fantastic (if not a little chilly, but that made it MORE christmassy) night at Lost Rivers watching Home Alone. The film is so heart warming and it was a joy to watch on the big screen. We also had the pleasure of watching The Family Fierce post show which were just fabulous. A shame the audience dwindled after the film, they deserved a bigger crowd to really bounce off. They did so well though and i would love to see them again somewhere. Thanks Timeout for a great evening - you rock! 


TimeOut and Lost Rivers truly have decked the halls in this festive pop up. Nothing has been forgotten, they've bought the corn for poppin, then the lights are turned way down low, so we can enjoy the show...enjoy the show...enjoy the show! No need to worry when the weather outside is frightful, step inside this merry wonderland, grab a mug of mulled wine and sit back to enjoy your favourite Christmas classics on the big screen. I loved watching a classic like Home Alone amidst the Christmas trees and twinkling lights. Song forget to dress warm so you can cosy up!