What is Flypay?

Flypay is a mobile app that makes ordering, paying, and splitting bills faster and easier.



Flypay is a revolutionary app, available on iOS and Android, which helps you to save time and make some of those irritating little things about eating out go away.

You can use the Flypay app to order your meal, add food and drinks to your order, pay your bill – or make splitting a bill between your friends easier.

Simply download the app, ask your waiter for your table number, check your bill, and then add to it or just pay it! Flypay saves you the hassle of asking for the bill, waiting for the credit card machine, dealing with all that admin – just pay, and then get up and leave (that’s the kind of weird bit for the first couple of times you use it, but it’s pretty cool…)


Depending on the restaurant or bar you are in, you can use Flypay to:



You can check, split and pay your bill at the table, without needing to find a waiter – really useful when you're in a hurry, or dining as a group and want to split the bill.



Want to grab lunch, but are short on time? Order via the app before you arrive, then pick up and go, or eat in-store. It’s a great way to enjoy lunch on the go, without missing out on eating what you really want, or needing to compromise on quality.



Order your meal, add extras and / or drinks to your bill – straight from your table, and without having to find a waiter, all via the app.



Open a tab in a bar or pub, without needing to leave (and maybe forget…) your credit or debit card behind the bar! Open and settle your bar tab directly via your mobile.


To download the app,

visit the App Store

Or the Google Play Store


 Any questions? Email Flypay at help@flypay.co.uk