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Buy tickets to 'Heartbreak Hotel' at The Jetty

Join the brokenhearted at this immersive experience in Greenwich

Step inside a utopia for lost souls and broken hearts, and be swept away on the journey of a lifetime at the 'Heartbreak Hotel'. For the second year running, Greenwich Peninsula’s The Jetty - the home of last year's incredible 'The Boy Who Climbed Out of His Face' - has been transformed into a playground for the senses and you're invited to check in for an unforgettable night of mind-boggling entertainment for as little as £10 (plus a £1.75 booking fee).

For a strictly limited run, the riverside venue has been metamorphosed into the 'Heartbreak Hotel' - a once grand establishment on the English coastline that's now as dilapidated and mysterious as the characters within its walls. Take a journey through this eerie and whacky world where heartbreak comes to rest - well, that is, until it hits again - and discover the stories and secrets that line the walls.

The action unfolds in nine interlocking shipping containers which form unique rooms and corridors that'll wow and astound you. This unique production tells the tale of love, lust and loneliness in a way you've never experienced before. Be part of the action as the story of this former diamond of seaside revelry reaches a turning point when the past and present collide leaving you in the surreal world that is, the Heartbreak Hotel.

After the show, venture to London's most unique bar for a chat with your fellow explorers about the incredible experience you've just shared thanks to the 'Heartbreak Hotel'. Cocktails and food (including exquisite, organic, free-range barbeque) will be available from the bar that sits over the Thames providing delicious treats, great views and the perfect end to an amazing evening.

Performances of 'Heartbreak Hotel' are Tuesday to Sunday at 6.30pm, 7.30pm and 8.30pm. On Friday and Saturday, there will be an additional 9.30pm performance.

All tickets are now £10.

All tickets are subject to a £1.75 booking fee. Please select your preferred month below to book your tickets for 'Heartbreak Hotel'.


pollyanna N

Really enjoyed the show last night, great set and good vibes enjoyed the bar and the food was top notch. The near perfect experience was ruined only by the chap playing Alfred coming out of character and shouting at my friend and I for talking. I admit, we exchanged a few whispers but as a seasoned theatre goer, this is not entirely unusual in any performance, whether it be traditional end on theatre or immersive, like Heartbreak Hotel. To be blunt, I found it incredibly unprofessional and wouldn't expect anyone to treat a paying customer with such disrespect, inside the theatre or out. 

To this gentleman, your performance had done exactly what art is supposed to do and sparked a debate, which my friend and I briefly exchanged over a whisper. A performance is only a performance with the presence of the audience, and as soon as you alienate them and eject them back to reality with such a rude manner, the integrity of the entire performance and of the skill of all the cast is utterly undermined.

 In future, if you feel so strongly, do the professional thing and let the performance finish and then find the culprits after. This way your art is not compromised, you have the upper hand and the offenders feel suitably embarrassed. As it stands, we whispered in your performance, but you shouted at us during our experience, I believe that makes you a hypocrite.

jim b

I popped down to The Jetty to see heartbreak hotel last week and despite the weather had a good time. I think people below are missing the point. I work in the arts and think its a decent product. Most immersive theatre shows have very small budgets and their turn over is small in comparison to shows that may have an auditorium of 500+ . This is only their second year. Were all other immersive theatre companies majorly successful after their second project? I doubt it. If we don't support immersive theatre and companies like this they will disappear. Who knows? They could be the next big player once mistakes have been learned from. Oh yeah and the bar was quite well stocked and the pulled pork and mac and cheese were fab.  

NatalieO Tastemaker

The bar is quite limited here and they ran out of cider before we even got there for the first showing of the Saturday evening. You really do get immersed in the stories, but it gets really hot in there so be prepared to take off some


Tom S

Absolute amateurs.  They cancelled our show, due to a cast member being taken ill, which was unfortunate.  We were given an email address to contact, to claim a refund.  The email bounced back.  No answer at the venue.  Time out haven't been made aware so can't do anything.

Prior to the cancellation the whole thing seemed to lack the slick feel of other immersive theatre experiences we have had; there was no order; it seemed understaffed; i hope the cast member isn't too seriously ill, but that in itself wouldn't prevent other theatre companies from adapting "the show must go on"

Amber H

If you're going to the 7.30 week night performance, make sure you're prepared to not be able to buy food until after. We were told the food place would open at 7, didn't open til 7.20 and only then advised to buy food later.

Also, not all the menu advertised on the website is available. Guessing ribs is a weekend affair.

Jeff S

How long does the performance last? I'm going next week. Hope they've sorted out the organisation issues.


@Jeff S about 1 hour 10 minutes. I went for a second time on Saturday and it is certainly a lot tighter than the first time I saw it. Great fun and worth checking out the Pulled Pork wrap.

Tammy S

We went to this last night, and, after reading the last two comments we went with an open mind. Thankfully it was not as described below. Walking there we were not sure how things were going to turn out as the location was a little off the beaten track.

We attended the 6:30 session, we didn't wait in a queue and it was not oversold. I throughly enjoyed the immersion and experience, the set was in depth and actors were convincing. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Henry C

Over priced, poorly organised... we arrived early but the registration que was processed incredibly slow, so we missed the start. We were eventually let into the 'show' missing the first 20 minutes and assured by the staff on the door, 'don't worry you are not missing anything!' (unfortunately true). The jetty is comprised on ISO containers and if you imagine the contents of one half being a stage and the other half for the audience... then cramming what I counted as 32 people into this space, is just plain greedy, already most the audience are straining to see and the payoff is not worth the hassle.

I wouldn't say the actors are awful. what lets it down is just the set up, the organisers, the people who take half an hour to issue 10 people name stickers on the door, the meet grinder culture.  

Avoid at all costs. 

Spend your time and money elsewhere.

Luke N

I can only assume that every positive review on this site comes from friends of the people who organised this mess. Someone to review this as "INCREDIBLE" makes me lose faith in the future of Arts and Theatre. Sloppy text, corny turns of phrases, awful actors (I can't believe I paid to watch Divine wannabe holding a toilet brush and singing I WILL SURVIVE - Really??? How original. Wait a second, the bathtub scene... lol. Or the weirdos "staff" watching and asking the crowd when was the last time they loved someone. Give me a break!!!!!! I WANT MY MONEY BAAAACKKKKKK :( 

Sylvia K Staff Writer

Will definitely go and see Heartbreak Hotel again!

Sam M

Absolutely loved Heartbreak Hotel, might even have to go and see it again.

Rosie T Staff Writer

I really liked  Heart Break Hotel and have recommended to a few friends. 


HeartbreaK Hotel is defo worth a look


Heartbreak Hotel is the first immersive show I've seen, but it won't be the last. Have been talking about it for days since checking it out.

Jason G

INCREDIBLE! Will go again! Well done!!

Justin P

Mmmmm, not as good as 'The Boy Who Climbed Out of His Face', and that wasn't even good!


This going to be amazing I cannot wait

Esther D

I can't buy tickets... An error when paying. Anyone knows what to do?


hope this as bonkers as last year