Ben 10 Monster Truck Mania

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Ben 10 Monster Truck Mania

Live action monster truck show, with trucks and motorbikes performing stunts as cartoon hero Ben 10 tries to save the world from alien invasion.


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this is without doubt the worst experience i have ever had with my kids!! from the minute the green car suffered a puncture whilst parked to the pathetic 25th attempt at driving over previously smashed old mercedes estates was over my kids sat there completely disapointed and my wife and i sat there feeling highlight was when i left the show for 5 minutes whilst i went and purchased 4 sets of earplugs!! my son is 6 and a massive car fan and yet was more than happy to leave just after the interval! my 10 year old daughter is never rude to me but when i asked her what she thought( hoping that maybe the kids could see something we couldnt) all she could say was "lame" this should be on watchdog as there isnt a tradesman in the world who could ripoff so many people for so much money without getting a mention

Rubbish, I'm glad I got cheap tickets from groupon. My son was waiting to see Ben 10 and wanted to leave at the interval which was only about 30 mins into the show as it started late. The show itself was un-rehearsed and very loud, younger kids were crying and scared. Go for a nice meal with your kids instead. Birmingham NIA show.

Saw this today at bham NIA. Thank god we only paid £8 per ticket. Second half was exactly the same as the first half. First stunt was good but once you've seen it 25 times it gets a bit boring!

To the organisers of this have ripped people off with that charade you call a show!! Lame repetitive stunts....Monster trucks couldn't even perform the stunts properly. It started 15 mins late, finished 45 mins early!! I went to the NIA. I urge people not to waste your money paying for this joke of a show. I paid £10 a ticket, can you imagine the people who paid up to £35 per ticket!!

I enjoyed it more than other kids for I am a big Ben 10 fan since it's first apperance on Cartoon Network. The Ben 10 Truck Mania show was not that bad. I attended the Saturday evening show at the O2 which was incident free. There were 6 trucks pictured in the promos, but only 4 appeared - which was disappointing. However, other than that I thought it was awesome. The motorbike stunts were the best bit of the show, but the trucks were pretty cool too. Ben 10 did appear helmeted on a motorbike, and that was good enough for me.

I agree with all the previous comments. How do I get my money back? Ticketmaster asked for a revirew and asked me for the best bit! Easy - getting out of there!

Have little to add to the comments below - simply awful - it is basically a monster truck and motorbike show, with the VERY loosest of connections to Ben 10 (something trade descriptions could take a look at!). Whilst the children appeared to enjoy it - at least for a while, they have said nothing of the show since leaving and did look seriously bored about 3/5th of the way in. A cheap family weekend away would have been a far better use of the time and money!

A complete waste of 2 hours and £39 a head. Very little to do with Ben 10 and just a cynical way of extracting cash from the public. No storyline, mishaps (ben 10s car needing to be pushed off in the opening minute never to reappear, Kevin's car getting a puncture and being replaced with a tiny spare), and the same stunt done over and over again 15 times. It all just looked like it was put together by 4 blokes chatting together in the pub the night before. Disgraceful.

Unbelievable, it was so bad that it sometimes got interesting like when the car and the bikes were close of crashing into each other due to complete lack of practice/choreography. My 4 year old son, who is a big fan of B&10, asked at break if we could leave for the playground (apparently he had done so earlier which I unfortunately had not heard).

Worst ever! I feel ashame for dragging my son to see this. Looked like cars on a Sunday looking for parking spaces at Westfield. If interested in cares etc avoid. Plus 3.70 gbp for pop corn just the icing on the cake....

Simply dreadful. We left after 50 minutes of apparently unorganised unchoregraphed fake chases, the only decent moment being the motorbikes jumping but it is spectacular - a spectacular rip-off. Stay away at all costs.

Pretty cynical attempt at expenting the Ben10 brand with 4 monster trucks and some motobikes, hardlay any story, slo paced, pretty dreadful, thank goodness the tickets were freebies, save your money, go down the park for an icecream

Really dull show!! Luckily only paid Tenner a ticket but other than the brief motocross jump section it really was seriously boring. Slow moving pretend car chases with a vague ben ten theme. Save your money!

We left after 45 minutes into a 3 hour show - and many others were as well.. Variations on driving trucks round in circles doesn't make great entertainment. Boring, repetitive, lacking any storyline. A real waste of £39 per person.