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A two-day family festival for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, featuring live music and entertainment on the main stage and in zones including the Kids Zone, the Disney Zone, the Parade Ground – featuring the White Helmet Motorcycle Display Team – and The Commonwealth, with Harambee African drummers, Maori Haka dancers and more. Great British food in the form of pies, roasts, pastries, fish and chips, jellied eels and cream teas will be served and roaming the festival are traditional entertainers including Pearly Kings and Queens, marching bands, men on stilts and singing tea ladies. The headline live show is 'The Magic of Disney in Concert', with music, songs and characters from films including 'Beauty and the Beast', 'The Jungle Book', 'The Lion King' and 'Sleeping Beauty' – along with all ten Disney Princesses. The main stage also features performances from the BBC's 'Strictly Come Dancing', hosted by Craig Revel Horwood, and excerpts from 'War Horse'. Hosted by Myleene Klass and Jon Culshaw.



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Dreadful. Appalling. Shocking. Sainsbury's should hang their heads in shame and refund everyone's money. 2 hour queue for lunch, hour plus queues for everything else, commercially led rubbish. 50,000 people attended, there was entertainment provided for probably a tenth of that. Very disappointed children everywhere at a so called FAMILY festival. An hour and a quarter for ice cream! Shocking!!!

This was a very badly organised event. There were only 3 or 4 things worth looking at which you couldent get near because of the vast throngs of people. The outskirts of the event were surrounded by food vans ,which had long,long queues-i waited in line for an hour and a half to pay £35 pounds for 4 tiny baked potatos and 4 teas! . The organisers have made a killing and ripped -off thousands of family. What a shame.

As I'm sure is the case for many of the other reviews, this disgrace has compelled me to write an online review for this first time. I would much rather have gone for a free picnic in another part of the park and thrown £50 in the serpentine on the way out. Shame on Sainsburys and "world famous promoter Harvey Goldsmith CBE". Do not bother going today unless you like paying to stand in queues for no reason, and do not believe today's press release praising the event, which I assume was written a few weeks ago.

As a kiddie i didnt exactly find it "amazing" as we come in being robbed of cans of coke. War horse was awesome that was cool but the parade ground was really boring its just watching horses going backwards and forwards in a pen!!! the disney was kinda wacka because since when was the genie from Aladin a girl?!!!!! i couldnt tell who anybody was in the performance because the costumes werent so good!!! the ques for stool were riducolously long and they had to shut because they ran out of merchandice. I dis-recommend it!!!!

I won my family ticket, and paid £20 for an extra adult, plus cost of travelling. It was a poorly organised marketing led event. The only redeming feature was the Commonwealth Stage, the queuing was dreadful ( you do expect queues at festivals and I have been to many, but this was the worst I've ever attended). Had mixed age children, the older 2 never complain whatever we do, but the 4 year old was beyond miserable. No chance of getting near the "Kids Zone" as the endless lines of waiting people and unhappy children put us off. we cut our losses, left the event and spent time in Hyde Park itself to salvage an otherwise ruined day out.

Oh dear! Came up from Hampshire yesterday with the family as the advertising from Sainsburys made out it was going to be something special. It was not. i can only echo other comments below in that it was poorly organised and dreadfully administered. Shocking queue's, poor "events", shameless commercialism, too many people. All this led to a lot of frayed tempers and some ugly verbal exchanges for a family event. We left early and went to the museums. If you are going today treat it like a big picnic and pitch up somewhere near the main stage. Don't bother with any of the company sponsored stalls as they are not worth it.

An outrageous poorly organised rip off, tickets for 50,000, entertainment for 1,000 at most - how is it that people are allowed to rip the public off in this way??

Shocking event, massive queues for everything which with a 2 and 4 year old doesnt work. Kids tent too small and show was awful. Disney tent couldnt get near and then it closed at 3 without notice. Hour long queue for fish and chips and then you have to go to another stall to buy drinks - genius! Disney concert was not great for little kids and with only 2 big screens next to the stage could hardly see anything. Will be writing to Sainsburys for a refund.

Totally agree withl the previous comments. There was northing for children to do and the queues for the shows were ridiculous. We managed to watch 'Bob the Builder' in the Kids Zone, but we left half way through as the sound was terrible, we didn't have a clue what they were saying.. Sadly we didn't take our own picnic, as i was expecting the grass to be wet from the night before, we waited in a queue for food for 45 mins and didn't get anywhere near the front, we gave up and tried to find a shorter queue but everywhere was at least an hours wait. We ended up feeding our toddlers all the snacks we old find in our bags and we went without food. The programme of events was a complete rip off, £5.00 for a book of adverts! Such a disappointment, they got it so wrong for children. How on earth did they expected children to stand in a queue for over an hour? And why was there such a lack of things to do and see? I will definitely be writing to Sainsbury's to try and get my money back. If you're going today, I would reccommend going very early, you may get to watch a few shows( even if they are a bit rubbish) and to take your own food and drink. Don't bother buying a program, you can find out the same information outside each tent. Good luck!

Such a shame, this could have been a fabulous day out, but it was very poorly run, they obviously had no idea how to cater for the numbers involved..... Every queue was excessive, and the amount of queue jumpers was very irritating. My husband queued with our 4 year old for the fireman Sam show for over an hour, (ultimately missing it and seeing mike the knight, which he said was poor) but when he complained to member of staff about the queue jumpers, was met with the comment 'it's not my fault,'!! Most people seemed to be bother about collecting the stamps, for a free bag. We left early and went to hamleys instead! This saved the day. We will be writing to get our money refunded.

Sainsbury's may not have been directly responsible for this fiasco but have allowed their name to be associated with an events company that is clearly way out of its depth. Sainsbury's, like all such firms are very sensitive to negative PR, they need to be told the strength of feeling about this - rather than just posting it to the this website. Complain direct to them. That will achieve something. And if you are planning to take the kids today...the naural history museum is superb, and free.

Cannot agree more with all the other comments on here. Wondering if some of the more positive reviewers are somehow linked to those who organised the event. To start with there was no-one anywhere when we arrived to find a mile plus queue of people. Some had tickets and others didn't but no-one knew anything about where they were supposed to be. Tickets said doors were to open at 10:30 and it was only from someone in the queue that we found out that they had changed it to 11am which was why the queue was so big. So we finally shuffle inside to be bombarded with a load of marketing and shameless commercialism. Having paid £45 for myself, my husband and my 2 year old son to enter we were disappointed at best. We should really have come to our senses sooner and just left then but we thought we really should give it a go. The 'Kids' tent was rammed with what seemed like thousands of children with very little staff supervision and the Disney tent was little more than a rage filled queue so I hope anyone who made it inside felt it was worth it. I think if this was a way to bring people together over something it really worked but the shared experience was hatred of this event and the pitiful display not in any way to celebrate Her Majesty and her wonderful jubilee. The organisers should not be allowed to continue organising as this was shameful and really little more than a joke. Needless to say I will be writing to ask for my money back. DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE, DON'T GO!!!!!!!

It's a bit late to post this now but if you are going to the Jubilee Family Festival today then follow this key advice: 1) Print off the show schedule from the Sainsbury's website to avoid a £5 charge for a programme. 2) Take a packed lunch and drinks to avoid high charges and long queues for food. 3) If you want to get in the Disney tent to see the "Cars" cars then run there as soon as you get into the venue. The queue was too long for me to get in and it closes around 3pm. (Don't forget to pick up a map on your way in. Look out for staff holding them as they won't necessarily make themselves known to you.) 4) If you can find a spot at the Main Stage as early as possible to get a good view of the Disney Concert cause come 4pm you won't have a chance (unless it's wet maybe). 5) The Sainsbury's bag you are getting stamps to earn (all will become clear when you read the info on your map) is bound to be handed out to everyone tomorrow to shift stocks. They are empty anyway so don't bother queueing to earn stamps for it. Other tips: - The Baking Mad tent has demos from Eric Lanlard and if you do their lucky dip you can take home lemon essence or white chocolate for baking. - The Sainsbury's Food Experience has a lot of nice samples to taste and were handing out full vines of Taste the Difference tomatoes on Saturday. - When you think the Disney Concert is over, it actually isn't but a lot of people will leave now. A good chance to get nearer to the front for the big finish! Review: - Yes, too much queueing, especially if you have kids (I don't) but some nice touches to this event. I queued for food samples in Sainsbury's tent which were worth the wait. The Commonwealth Stage has some great acts especially the Jaipur Maharaja Brass Band. The White Helmets Motorcycle Team should be great and more exciting than the kids that performed in the Parade Ground yesterday so don't miss them. You can see a bit of British culture that us city-dwellers don't often get a chance to enjoy such a Morris Dancing (don't groan, it has a modern and fun twist!) and great marching bands in the Parade Ground. Don't expect too much from this. The event relies too heavily on promoters (especially as some people, like me, have paid) but if you see the right bits you will have fun, however, printing the schedule at home or having it on your smartphone is essential to this! The Magic of Disney Concert is great and will make the day. The performers are brilliant (although I think the stage had slight sound issues at times) and you have to remember (apart from yesterday) this kind of show has NEVER happened ANYWHERE outside of Disney Park EVER! Thanks for saving the day Disney. That feeling you get when you see Mickey stride out onto the stage - that is the reason I give this event 4 stars! It's Disney Magic that can normally only be found in a Disney Park. I really hope it stays dry for you all going today!

The Disney concert was ok and went some way to redeem many other things of the event. Buzz and Woddy were there and Mickey was on which was exciting for my son to see without having to go to Disneyland and then Lion King finale topped it off really well! But other than that, it was a pretty poor day out. the kids tent shows may work at a Butlins holiday camp, but it didn't really work here. We paid £20 per adult, and for that you're not really guaranteed anything except the opportunity to queue and hustle for a spot to watch/do something. :( My best advice for anyone going tomorrow would be to set up camp/picnic (brought from home) in a good spot by the main stage and then have the adults in your group taking turns to take the kids to shows/activities around the festival (being prepared to queue lots each time). So essentially, you're having a picnic in the park, taking turns to go off waiting around for ages and possibly leaving your kids disappointed! I'd leave the latter two of those things out of your day if I was you and just have the picnic outside of the festival walls! :)

This is the worst Family Festival I have ever been to. Most I go to are free or priced well. This was over priced with little family feel. It felt more like an advertising campaign to me. With long queues and lack of organisation. My teenagers were bored in between acts they wanted to see and never got a good view any way. I had an 8 year old and two teenagers. Complete nightmare for all of us . I don't think I've ever had to apologise to my kids for a crap day out. Well I did today. If you're thinking of going tomorrow. Don't.

A great disappointment traveled down from Norfolk. Thank goodness I won my family ticket from Sainsburys. Would have wanted a refund if I had paid for it. Dis-organised, excessively long queues for what? Lots of frayed tempers witnessed. Unable to see most of the events due to large crowds. Overpriced food and drink. As well as no re-entry. Would certainly not recommend.

Sainsburys : I think you got it very wrong at your festival for the Queen's Diamond Queuebilee. And you certainly put the queue in Queen. I've been to quite a few festivals including Reading and Glastonbury and never ever had to queue as much as I did today. Absolutely DISGRACEFUL that Sainsburys put families with small CHILDREN through this utter facade of a family day out. Still, you've got everyone's money now so you probably don't give a toss. Disgusting.

I feel so cheated by this rip off. Just read the associated press article on this and it cannot have been the same event! I just feel they have taken advantage of families and there needs to be someone brought to account over this.

As all the previous reviewers state, the main problem with this event was the total lack of organisation. To start with the queue to enter was horrific which just seemed to encourage people to try and queue jump whilst the rest of us got annoyed. Then once inside the queue for the so called Disney experience was already beyond belief so we thought we come back later. When we did there was almost a riot going on with people who'd been waiting in the queue for hours so we resigned ourselves to not bothering with it. We did get to see one of the shows in the Kid Zone tent (Fireman Sam) but our 4 year old got bored during that and so did I actually because the story line was nothing to write home about. Then of course there was the one and a half hour queue for food. Just too many people and not enough facilities. We did enjoy the acts on the main stage so if you do go tomorrow (you may not suffer the same queues due to the weather and these bad reviews anyway) take your own food and drink and just stick to the stages and the parade grounds. All in all very disappointed.

If i could give this zero stars i would. I have never ever complained about anything in my life, but this one has just wound me up so much i have to say something. DO NOT PAY MONEY TO GO TO THIS. I travelled from the midlands with 2 small kids on the train to go this 'family festival'. A complete and utter waste of time and money. Having spent £45 to get in i was then asked to spend £5 to get a list of what events were on at what times. I refused. I was shown an A3 programme at the ticket desk, but was not allowed to take it. We managed to just about see the kids motorbike display. After this there were so many people we just spent ages walking around trying to find something without a queue. Hours queuing to get into the disney zone, which we did not do. Hours queuing to get into the kids zone, which we did not do. I was told by security 'not to bother'. I was told there was a 1 hour queue to get fish and chips, which we did not do. Every food stall had a 1 hour or more queue. Ridiculous. So my master plan was to escape the 'festival', get some food and them come back in for the big show at 17:30. But I was told the there was no readmitance!!!!!!. So i was locked in a corner of hyde park with nothing to do but queue queue queue. Sainsbury's should be embarasssed to even put their name to this. It was a complete rip off. Get people to pay to get locked into one of our free parks, who cant then get food, or cant see any entertainment for the kids because it is too busy. In the end i had to escape before i lost it, and took the kids to the science museum which is FREE and the kids had an absolute fantastic time. Disgraceful event. On this of all weekends I am ashamed to be British. I am so shocked it almost feels too unbelievable to be true until i read the comments of everyone else above. Life is too short for this....

The worst most poorly organised festival ever. Overpriced entry, ridiculously long queues, couldn't even see the main attractions because the queue was too long they had to shut the tent. Hour or more wait for food and to visit stalls for a pathetic stamp and 20p sample. Would not recommend anyone to go. Feel the events manager should be fired and everyone given a refund. Very

I agree with the earlier comments - this was truly awful. I feel like we have been conned. Everywhere we looked it was just massive queues for shows and food. There is no way I can keep a 2 year old happy in a queue. I was expecting something like the summer equivalent of the winter wonderland, with rides, games etc. But it was nothing like it. Just queues to get into shows that we'd never get in to. Don't waste your time and money going. And if you have tickets don't waste even more money going to this.

I won our ticket in the ballot and i feel very sorry for anyone who forked out for this. It was frustrating and generally very boring for the children, particularly my 2 year old as it was far too crowded for her to be out of her pushchair. We could not get in to any of the shows and where were the "Cars" cars??? Thankfully my son is very patient otherwise it could have made a bad day even worse......

Took our 3 year old to this today - terrible. I work in advertising and I was ashamed on behalf of any marketing people; very little entertainment, poorly planned for the numbers and ridiculous excess of brands everywhere punting their stuff which is just unacceptable for a paid event (if it was a freebie, I'd understand). My 3 year old asked at one point "why are there so many adverts?". Just appalling, Sainsbury's won't do well from this association. No generosity or thoughtfulness, just blatant sell sell sell. It made me sad. (And we had to leave before the WAY too late scheduling of the Disney show, the only thing she was desperate to see - not a chance at 5:30pm for tired kids).

I think a lot of the Comments on here are fair, but having been a regular festival goer and having been to winter wonderland we kind of expected what we saw in the way of queues and over priced food. We went with an open mind, completely didn't bother with the kids zone and Disney tent for the reason of the queues. Luckily packed our own food which I wold really recommend to anyone going tomorrow, we just headed straight for the commonwealth stage, had a picnic, had a dance, which my two year old loved. Then watched a few bits on the parade ground and then sat at the main stage where we could see everything easily and had a great time with the people around us. Luckily we had a toddler who didn't have much idea of what to expect and just went with the flow but I can imagine older children being disappointed having to queue for everything they know they want to see, and the queues for food was silly. Wasn't as good as winter wonderland but we still had a lovely day, the sunshine made it better and my daughter was thrilled with Mackey mouse and the princesses at the end. Was however far from perfect.

What a fantastic day! Ignore the other reviews, they are just jelly. The disney tent was mindblowing, I am still there rocking out to 'A whole new world'. I feel like I am on a magic carpet with Snow White. Would recommend to anyone 11/10

Terrible total lack of organisation queues for kids zone was 2 1/2 hours disney tent about the same, a real dissapointment for the kids. Queued 1/2 an hour for an ice cream food stalls were longer, £9.60 for a large pimms !! so you couldn't even drink through it. Was like a corporate food fair / advertising for Sainsbury's a total rip off.

this was such a huge disappointment. Went with our one and four yr olds. It was really disorganised and there were massive queues for everything, with too few staff to manage the queues. Just lots of corporate stands with queues! Queued for over an hour for the Disney tent which was tiny and disappointing once in there. Thankfully we had some snacks with us to keep the kids going as the queues for all the food stands were enormous. It wasnt easy to see what time things were going on at unless you bought the £5 programme which is just full of adverts. I would avoid it at all costs. I'm going to apply for a refund.

Horrible day, two young children very disappointed:( queues too long. Disney tent closed at 3:30pm. Had to deal with a v.upset child. Paid excessive amount to go into park with nothing but food stalls, which had hour long queues. Very very angry. Thank god at least the sun was out.

I had a fantastic time today at Hyde Park with my husband and 5 year old child. Queues can be long but isnt that expected at such a large event. But I think we enjoyed it more because we had won our tickets and did not have to pay for them.....just go early, pack a picnic and be prepared to queue!!

This was truly truly awful , massive massive queues for everything apart from the toilets and the activities once you get there were just witless gimmicks and adverts for the big corporate companies. The Disney tent shut early sending the kids queuing into hysterics and the kidzone tent had queues snaking round the ground for entrance into the next show. We had an ice cream (this was a 25 min queue instead of the 1 hr plus for any of the food stalls) , watched some of the acts on the main stage (in between and endless stream of product sponsors adverts) , and left to take the kids to Hamleys. I'm quite tolerant of family events usually and dont mind queuing for stuff but this is another level and quite unacceptable. DO NOT GO TO THIS.

This has to be the worst event I have ever been to! We spent TWO hours queuing for a cheese sandwich, then made our way to the Disney tent which they had closed for the day. We had four very dissapointed children! The price of a large glass of Pimms was £9.60, a rip off!! The Disney show was just songs from the films and most kids were bored as they really weren't as well known as Disney obviously think they are! All tents had huge queues, and once inside you couldn't see anything anyway due to the volumes of people. Sainsburys should be embarrassed for having their name associated with this event! Shockingly bad, poor organization and badly managed!

As others have said - an utter waste of time and money. Under the guise of the Jubilee, Sainsburys has abused the patriotism of the public and dragged many people a long way under false pretenses. A park full of promo tents is not my idea of entertainment. Justin King Sainsury's CEO should be ashamed of this utter rip off.

1). An hour to get in?? 2). No childrens rides at all?? 3). No soft drinks fo kids except fizzy? 4) all stall commercially led stands how the heck can flora and neuroen Have any think to do with family day out 5. Disney tent shut at 3.30pm wtf 6) very very poor value for money, 7) queue, queue queue, 8) not a family day out mr sainsbury??

We were expecting far, far, far more! could have been a spectacular day out, unfortunately there seemed to be a big lack of planning by the organisers, it mainly consisted of food stalls [with huge queues] and some entertainment which was impossible to get any sort of view of. A real disappointment and nothing like we expected .. kids were bored and we spent a fortune on tickets, travel and food! It's a rip off that we were charged over £50 for 2 adults and 1 child, terrible!

A very poor event - we are going to ask for a refund from Sainsburys. It was much over-hyped and little more than a corporate promotion exercise. I simply cannot believe that an event on this scale was not thought through so that there were enough toilets, there were not enough food outlets (30 min wait to buy cups of tea) and the entertainment was done on little more than a shoe-string. A frustrating waste of a day and a lot of money too. Sainsburys should consider very carefully about associating their brand with events like this in the future. If in doubt about going along tomorrow I strongly advise you to give it a miss.

We got our tickets for free through Sainsburys - and I'm very glad we didn't waste money on it. The queues were huge for everything, luckily we managed to get our 2 year old into the KidsZone shows, she had fun then we had our picnic and left. Why would we spend hours standing in queues for corporate tents, or to buy food at inflated prices?

If you like waiting lines this is the place to go. Everything an hour plus. If you are going tomorrow bring your own food (check site for what is allowed). Short lines at bar (juice for kids) and strawberry stand. Go to kids tent right after a performance ends for best chance to get in. Disney line insane. Steer kids to big outside stages. Rice Krispie and Flora tent were reasonable.

Utter waste of both time and money.. Completely agree with below comments... Came out without bothering to attend full show... Feels like we paid money to have corporates advertise their products... So away from the jubilee and family feel... What a con.. Shame on you Sainsbury.

It was lovely to be with our family on this day in Hyde Park. Such a shame though as queues way too long for everything, except unusually the toilets. Astronomical prices for everything. Very commercial. Spent mist of the day queueing (Disney tent was a joke after queueing 1 hr 15 mins to get in, we had to queue 30 mins once inside to get my daughter's face painted) Not in the spirit of the Diamond Jubilee. Greedy corporate fat cats raking the great British public's precious coppers in, in the middle of the worst recession for a long time. Great shame. Great great shame.

If you like waiting in line, this is the place to go. Queues for just about everything was an hour plus. If you are going tomorrow because you promised your kids, here's some advice. Brig your own food only short lines are the bar and the strawberry stand. Try to stick to the big stages, kids tent right after a show ends gives you a chance to get it. Disney line is ridiculous, avoid. Flora and Rice Krispie tents were reasonable wait times

Usual fair, the odd highlight spoilt by the usual Britishness... too many selfish people; 6' men standing at the front; queue jumping; and ripoff prices

Terrible - far too many tickets sold, huge (I.e 2 hr) queues for everything advertised on the flyer. Complete con. Very disappointed.

Wow =- was planning to take the family but had my doubts when i found out how expensive it is - these reviews confirm we will avoid and just head down to the river for lots of free entertainment!

poorly organized don't buy in advance as queues are ridiculous, cash queue is tiny, inside there are so few food stalls the queues are immense, each event is oversubscribed and there is such a lack of management overall. I truly hope that anyone that reads this takes my advice and does not go, even if you have prepurchased chased your ticket! such a disappointment and waste of a day.

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