SLSC Junior Aquathlon

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What's an aquathlon, you ask? Why, it's a swimming and running race - like a triathlon without the cycling. The race is split into waves by age group, and only one age group will be swimming at a time. The first, second and third males and females in each category will receive a medal; everyone else gets a certificate.

Advance registration is required at Competitors must be able to swim the following distances comfortably:

Age 8: 60-metre swim (two widths) and 500-metre run

Age 9 to 10: 150-metre swim (one loop round a buoy) and 750-metre run

Age 11 to 12: 250-metre swim and 1500-metre run

Age 13 to 14: 350-metre swim and 2250-metre run

Age 15 to 16: 500-metre swim and 3000-metre run

Parents and guardians: 500-metre swim and 3000-metre run

(Age category defined as age on 31 December 2013)


Event phone: 020 8871 7198
Event website:
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