Rosie Wilby presents 'Absolute Love'

Following her dissection of lust and attraction in her 2009 in 'The Science Of Sex', award-winning comedian Rosie Wilby explores the extreme terrain of total and complete romantic love. Starting with the break-up of her last relationship in the aftermath of New Year's Eve 2010, she asks whether romance in fiction presents us with a completely unrealistic view where obstacles and problems only serve to heighten the reward when we reach the eventual happy ending. 'Imagine if Romeo and Juliet's parents had been quite happy for them to get together,' she says. 'That would be a really boring play.' Aided by her two favourite secret weapons, music and science, Rosie dons her armour and fake plastic sword to play the romantic hero for once and attempt to bring some cinematic swooning into her own south London life. Triangular love theory and Foreigner songs may never meet again…Part of a double bill with Liz Bentley in 'A A A Rating', a show about being a single mother with a ukulele and a casiuo keyboard.