What's So Queer About Being Queer?

Queer Playback Theatre

Queer Playback Theatre Company (QPT) stage an improvised show in which the audience share their real-life stories and see them played back as magical theatre. Playback is an established form of community theatre but queer playback is something new. Jane Hoy, who co-founded QPT last year with Arnet Donkin and Lorna Henry, explains: 'We’d all been doing playback for years and we’d noticed straight performers don’t always get it right when they play LGBT people. We'd also been told by queer audience members that they might not talk about their personal lives in a theatre full of straight people. So we formed QPT so that our community can enjoy their own shows, with their experiences played back to them by LGBT performers, who understand what they’re saying.’


Event phone: 020 7383 9034
Event website: http://newdiorama.com
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