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Stargazing, sporting glory and sci-fi geekdom at Madame Tussauds

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Across 14 interactive zones, Madame Tussauds is about so much more than snapping a selfie with Brangelina on the red carpet. From music lovers and movie buffs to history hounds and sports fans, everyone has a great time at the home of the celebrity selfie. Find something to suit you in our Madame Tussauds Personality Match. Madame Tussauds London can only hold so many wax figures at a time, so visitor feedback and the latest news and entertainment stories help them select the hottest stars to feature. Residents get a makeover so they're kept up to date, too: there's One Direction circa their latest ‘Where We Are’ tour and the Duchess of Cambridge in her Issa dress. The most popular figure at Madame Tussauds right now is A-list actor, director and lust object Ryan Gosling. However, like any big star, he’s always in demand, and in the autumn Ryan's heading off to Madame Tussauds Orlando, so catch him while you can. Go along and appreciate the care and craft that goes into each wax figure. It takes up to six months (and £150,000) to create each one. The expert team of sculptors, colourists, costumers and stylists are based in a studio in west London. Each figure is first perfectly sculpted in clay, and this is used to create a mould from which the wax figure is made. It's then coloured by a team of expert make-up artists – every freckle, mole, wrinkle and dimple is accurately reproduced. And each hair (real and ethically sourced) is inserted by skilled hairdressers. In the Scream gallery at Madame Tussauds you come face to face with some of the nastiest criminals and serial killers in history. Live actors add to the drama (no touching!) along with special effects and strobe lighting. In fact, you have to be 12 years or older to venture inside. It's also not suitable for pregnant women or those with heart conditions. Mwah ha ha! Not much gets past London's geekiest obsessives, so every detail in the Marvel Super Heroes 4D Experience has been expertly researched, from the Hulk's green skin tone to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine claws. Walk among supernatural greatness then immerse yourself in the 360-degree animated 4D cinema experience, complete with wind, water and quake tremors. Not content with living in the moment? How about 400 years of London history on a tour in the back of a black cab? The Spirit of London ride cruises through landmark moments in the city's history, from Tudor times to the Great Fire to the miniskirted Swinging Sixties. Continue the spirit of adventure and hunt out other pioneers, like everyone's favourite fairy tale anti-hero Shrek, godfather of modern science Albert Einstein, and interstellar visitor ET. Travel the world and go far beyond, without leaving Zone 1!

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