Science Museum Lates: Codebreaker – Alan Turing's life and legacy

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At this adults-only evening you can have the Science Museum, its collections and interactive galleries all to yourself and enjoy special events, music and a bar all evening. The theme of the June 27 'Late' is the English mathematician Alan Turing, to coincide with the new exhibition, 'Codebreaker – Alan Turing's Life and Legacy'. Events include tours of the exhibition and an informal talk about Turing's life and work, with curator David Rooney (7.45-8.15pm, 8.30-9pm). There's also 'Alan Turing and the Mystery of Chemical Patterning', a demonstration illustrating Turing's hypothesis about a mechanism for the appearance of pattern and structure in biology (8-8.30pm, 9-9.30pm), a talk about 'Computing and the Fantasies of Modern Life' by Max Goldman (7.30-8pm, 8.30-9pm), and a drop-in workshop looking at the hidden patterns around us, inspired by Turing's fascination with the relationship between maths and nature.


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