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One of east London's few purpose-built venues, Cargo launched with a clubbing-focused profile, but has since radically expanded its live remit, which now ranges from art punk through dubstep to psychedelic prog and wonk-pop. Its programme also includes plenty of underground artists building themselves a profile, provides intimate showcases to big-name artists ahead of their record releases and hosts label parties. The outdoor courtyard acts as a third room, away from the often over-stuffed performance space and lounge-bar area, and gigs are usually staged seven days a week.

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Cargo says
Located in an urban disused railway yard, Cargo is Shoreditch's premier live music venue featuring a late-night restaurant, lounge bar, live room and amazing sunny outdoor terrace complete with BBQ and wall art by artists such as Banksy.
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Venue name: Cargo
Address: 83 Rivington Street
Opening hours: Mon-Thur noon-1am; Fri, Sat noon-3am; noon-midnight
Transport: Tube: Old St; Rail: Shoreditch High St Overground
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  • Hip hop and R&B Until Sunday April 1 2018
  • House, disco and techno Until Sunday March 25 2018
  • Hip hop and R&B Until Monday October 29 2018
  • Hip hop and R&B Monday March 19 2018 - Tuesday September 25 2018
  • Hip hop and R&B Tuesday March 20 2018 - Wednesday October 31 2018
  • Hip hop and R&B Wednesday March 21 2018 - Thursday July 26 2018
  • Hip hop and R&B Thursday March 22 2018 - Friday August 31 2018
  • Hip hop and R&B Thursday March 22 2018 - Friday March 23 2018
  • Hip hop and R&B Friday March 23 2018 - Saturday March 24 2018
  • House, disco and techno Sunday April 1 2018

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Had a great time celebrating my birthday at Cargo on Saturday made reservations so I booked a table for me and my guests...great night staff looked after us very well...I will be back for NYE !!!!

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At cargo... the night did not start great as I was told I had to put my bag in the cloak room, when I didn't want to.. so after 10min discussion with a female bouncer I finally booked it in, she did explain that there are a lot of thefts hence why they encourage the use of the cloak room to be honest I thought they were pulling a fast one. 

Overall good night I just make sure in future I don't bring a large bag with me next time

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Good Night here on the weekend definitely coming back for NYE! Good DJs loved the room with the great lights ......Had advance tickets and didnt have to queue for to long either

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Went to Cargo was having a great night until I was told I was drunk I had enough by the barman. I was not even drunk so I dont know what he was talking about so I left went somewhere else where I could drink freelyv

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Cargo looks amazing from the outside and when you enter the brick walls and archers are very very charming but soon after you realise its a very cold place. The staff are very uninterested and hardly smile , they looked tired and stressed and I visited during the day and a very quite time I did not feel welcomed by any of the numerous staff that were scattered around. I was asking the manager Renata about their food menu and was surprised to see that she spoke very bad English and had a very rude approach. I didn't even bother ordering anything as the atmosphere was so unfriendly . they seem to have very little respect for people there and by the way the staff behaved I'm sure it the same about the way they are treated also. I certainly wouldn't waste my money there .


A decent night club, with good music on the weekends and a spacious outdoor smoking area.

However, Cargo is extortionately expensive and feels like a rip off after you've paid £20 entry, £3 to use the cloakroom (as no bags are allowed in the main room), only to discover the absurd prices at the bar.

With so many options available in Shoreditch, I don't see how they can continue to charge people this kind of money for an average night out.


This is your usual Shoreditch too-cool-for-any-of-you type of place. Its under the arches and has a garden space which is slightly redeeming. What isn't redeeming was the bar maid wanted to charge me £3.50 for a soda water from the tap!!! I opted for a can of coke instead despite this costing the same. Imagine how many you could get if from the corner shop. Quite frankly I think this place has seen better times and the over charging is just one of the first excuses to not bothering with this place.  


Standard Shoreditch fodder, and mediocre at best. It's a fairly grimy bar under railway arches with outdoor space. Nothing wrong with it but it's distinctly unremarkable and isn't worth paying to go in or their extortionate bar prices. I can remember many years ago when it was still quite up and coming, though they do still occasionally host quite cool events. Prepare to be asked for ID on the door regardless of how old you are, they would probably even ID a pensioner; it's one of those sorts of places.


Cargo is basically a large warehouse with no expense spared for the interior fit out. You most definitely do not want to come here wearing your best clothes. The toilets are pretty grim and remind you of an old bus station toilet.

The entry fee is usually £20 on the weekend after 11pm so I would try to get there earlier and have a few drinks in the outside area before it gets busy.


The venue is good, its nice and big with multiple rooms and a large garden smoking area with lots of seats. Not hard to get a drink as there are plenty of bars including one outside. However the place is just extortionate, besides the £20 to get in and the £3 cloakroom, you then have the drinks - they set a staggering £20 minimum spend on card which is higher than Fabric. Don’t worry though, its not hard to hit this price, with the cheapest drink a can of nasty Coors beer for £6.5 (they have no beer on tap) and most drinks being over £10, get a couple drinks and you hit the min spend easily. The most depressing thing is that they have a menu, one side with a list of their drinks and one with a list of different spirits - these are just literally bottles of spirits, none under £100 and all just regular big brands of booze, absolutely ridiculous, £135 for a bottle of Gordons gin!

So while I had a good time here, its the little things that kind of ruin it, there is no signal for your phone anywhere but outside. Also after I spent half an hour in one room, I left my friends to go to the toilet, came back and the man stood in between the rooms wouldn’t let me back in because I had a coat around my waist (even though I had it before). 

Unfriendly staff and extortionate prices.


Attempting to do a bar crawl with a few friends during London Cocktail week we decided to hit up Shoreditch. The first place we went to was Cargo. Cargo is on a side road that looks more like an alley than a road, very typical East London. Hanging out in Cargo’s open terrace, we could really feel the change in the seasons this week. Looking at all the full booths we chose a round table and ordered a round of drinks. The cocktails were pretty tasty, and definitely worth the London Cocktail Club wristband. Music played softly in the background. The smokers were able to smoke without having to miss out on conversation. Cargo had some really nice decorative details around the inside, and the terrace was incredible, they even have a real Banksy by the exit. I’d like to go back there on a busier night, but I don't really like how they always flyer outside their doors on the weekend. It makes the venue seem trashier than it is. 


I have been to this place twice in the last few months for Gospeloke, an event run by Singology gospel/pop choir, where you can sign up to sing with a backing choir on stage. Both times there have been sound/technical issues - of no fault of Sinology's, let me just make that clear. The first time I went with a friend; while waiting for the show to start (delayed about a half hour due to the aforementioned issues), we thought we'd get a drink. Oops, turns out there was no ice. Okay, whatever. We waited for another ten minutes and received our drinks, which turned out to be absolutely delicious (and strong - whoa). The show itself was great - when we could actually hear. The sound kept cutting in and out and poor Toni (who is the choir master) was just not having it; she just did her performance at the end of the night a cappella in the end.

My main issue here was with the second time, just a few weeks ago. The friend who went with me last time brought a bunch of her mates from work, and I had a few friends along, too. The show was supposed to start at 8, so we got there around 7:30 to get a drink first and just hang out. There were, again, multiple technical issues, and quite a crowd - lots of people had purchased tickets in advance of the night. The weather was lovely so we waited outside in a nice little area with coloured lights and a bar. Service was super slow but hey, such is life when there are a lot of people in a small space. A friend of mine ordered some chips and was overcharged for them; trying to track down the server was nearly impossible. Some random guy got really drunk and outta hand and decided that when my friend finally received her chips, he was gonna go ahead and help himself... some heated words and threats were exchanged and that guy and his buddies were asked to leave. Annoying. Anywho. Just sipping my drink, almost finished, and put it down on the bar behind me - as my friends and I had been doing all night - to find that in the next instance, it was gone. The bartender had taken it, assuming I was finished. I told him I wasn't finished, and he told me that it's common sense not to put a drink on the bar if you aren't done with it. I explained that my friends and I had been doing the same the whole evening and he proceeded to admonish me about it; eventually the bartender gave me another drink to replace it. Whatever. At this point it was around 9pm and the whole time, not one employee of the club had come outside to offer apologies or anything by way of an explanation - that was left to the host (who is an absolute peach) and Toni. A choir member told me the choir wanted to come outside to do an impromptu gig or something for all of the people gathered, but the venue wouldn't turn the music off in the outside area. What bullsh*t. By the time we actually got into the room, it was 10pm, and they just let people in without checking tickets - which would have been really unfortunate for those who paid... no idea if they were getting refunds... they did give us vouchers for two free bottles of cider, which was... fine, I guess? And of course, there were sound issues again - mikes not working, sound in and out. We had a good 45 minutes or so, but considering that we had been there for nearly 5 hours... all in all, I really don't plan on coming back to this place. It just wasn't worth it.

One of the worst nights in my life...

We booked a table for 15 people in this place for a birthday.

We arrived quite early, at 6:30pm, but they had forgotten to reserve a table for us.

They settled us temporarily at a table and after 3 hours a manager came to us “asking” (he started to shout in a nervous way) to move us to another place because that table was “reserved”  (exactly the same kind of reservation that we had made). They moved us to a table outside, where we had to spend the rest of the night at 0 degrees and just a couple of heaters for all of us. 

Apart from this, the quality of the service of this place is unacceptable.

At the bar you can just choose between three quite expensive beers (5-6 pounds), even before the night club time started, which has nothing to do with the prices that you can see on their website.

The staff in general is very rude. In addition, the security of the venue is not so good. Every hour came out someone bleeding due to fights between drunk animals.

I really advise you absolutely not to book at Cargo for any kind of celebration, if you don't want them to spoil your night.

Had Cocktails during the day here was great background music until 7 when the DJ starts

I was at Cargo on Friday... the queues was a joke. Then I was forced to put my bag in cloakroom, if the theft is an issue at the venue why not make the cloakroom free for customers as a good will gesture 

I was at Cargo last night for a birthday party, and I don't see myself going back. £15 entry is a lot for what this place is, and the drinks are pretty overpriced - £10 for a single vodka and Boost is a bit of a joke. But the worst thing about Cargo is its bouncers. Me and a friend were made to leave by a bouncer. While trying to get from the main dancefloor to the outdoor area, my friend was pushed hard from behind by a bouncer, which made him collide with a group of strangers. He asked the bouncer to not do that, the bouncer got angry and kicked him out. I asked the bouncer why my friend was kicked out, and he reacted angrily, saying "Don't test me, I'm an angry man", before grabbing my drink, throwing it onto the ground and making me leave the club. I asked other bouncers outside the club what this bouncer's name was, and unsurprisingly they refused to tell me. I asked to speak to the manager, and unsurprisingly he did not show up. While I and my friend were waiting outside for our friends to pass us our coats, we saw a steady stream of people being chucked out of the club - far more than would be expected. One person was complaining that his glasses were still inside the club. Clearly, chucking people out is something the bouncers really enjoy doing. In summary, there are much, much better places out there, with less overpriced drinks and, more importantly, better staff.