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Pop megastar, balladeer supreme and outspoken London icon Adele Adkins is back on stage, having smashed all kinds of records again with her latest album ‘25’. We gave it a two-star review (‘a bit dull’), but we’re more than prepared to admit that Adele’s massive lungs, spine-tinglingly soulful voice and innate stage presence make her an incredible live draw – which is why these dates at The O2 next spring will sell out quicker than you can say ‘Rolling in the Deep’.


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Adele at the O2 Arena was truly an unforgettable, extraordinary show. If I'm not mistaken this was her first ever big world tour for Adele. She had performed in the Royal Albert Hall, but nothing quite grand like the O2 or Wembley.

This was my first time to ever see Adele live.

She blew the roof off of the O2 with her enchanting, powerful vocals.

She is an almighty singer and a phenomenal songwriter. She touches so many hearts with her emotional lyrics and her understanding of life.

I can tell by what she writes that she has gone through moments in her life which haven't been the best.

Adele had surpassed this and created successful hits which have reached people in forms of love and happiness.

Her entrance to the arena was incredible. She started off with 'Hello'. If you hear the original, Adele sounds 100% identical to the original.

No playbacks, no miming, just truth and emotion oozing to the whole audience.

Adele sang songs from her first album '19' such as the infamous, heartfelt 'Chasing Pavements' which everyone joined in.

This moment was breathtaking and will stay in my heart forever. It was quite emotional listening to the arena sing. Pure happiness was there that night. Everything else was left outside.

Adele also sang songs from her second album '21' such as 'Someone Like You', 'Rolling In The Deep', 'Rumour Has It', 'Set Fire To The Rain & her third album '25' such as 'When We Were Young', 'Water Under The Bridge' and many more.

I remember that there were many people from around the world who came to see Adele in London. There was someone who didn't quite manage to grab tickets to see Adele in New York, so she came to London to see her two days in a row. Now that's a fan. Adele pulled her out onto the stage and heard this story. She offered her tickets to see her at the New York show.

Adele's love to her fans is quite sensational and what she did was truly inspiring.

The staging design was beautifully set up.

She used the middle section of the arena with such impeccable special effects.

The screen with her iconic, elongated eyes created a dramatic feel to the atmosphere.

There was one thing Adele did say that night that stayed in my mind for a very long time.

She said, "Please give me time to write my music. It might take a while, but I promise that I'll be back soon. This is not a goodbye. This is a see you later."

Adele never imagined in her wildest dreams that she could fill the entire arena, but she did.

An emotional night that will stay forever.


Love MD.


You know Adele! Big voice, sad songs, great cockney banter. Really enjoyed her gig at the O2 although I'm so sad I missed her playing smaller, more intimate venues earlier on in her career. She's a changed lady now - singing of missing the good old days while in the midst of an international arena tour gives you the sense that she still longs for simpler times. The staging is simple and complements her beautiful songs perfectly. If you can get your hands on tickets, grab them!

I saw her concert at the O2 last night & it was mind blowing. Miss Adkins is quite simply phenomenal & a bonafide national treasure. Her voice is faultless, she has a classy catalogue of work but the best bit was her witty banter & infectious cackling in between songs. It felt like you were in the pub with your best mate rather than the cavernous O2 arena. Her personal anecdotes explaining how & why she wrote each song just made you fall in love with her a little bit more. Not ashamed to admit there were tears when she dedicated Make You Feel My Love to the people of Brussels. Possibly the best concert I have ever been to & an absolute privilege to spend an evening in her inimitable company


Hate me not for being lucky enough to see the voice and the star that is Adele live. After a long hiatus this concert really delivers. There is no need for over dramatic sets, big set pieces, costume changes and dancers (though not sure they would be able to really do any dancing to Adele’s back catalogue) because her voice would over shadow any of these dramatics. It is flawless, it gives you chills and it moves you. There is clever use of black and white imagery, a live band and the women herself. And then there is her personality. It’s the opposite of her voice. It’s brash, unashamed and witty as hell. Everyone who left the o2 that night dreamt of becoming her best friend. 


I am still reeling from last night. This was totally out of this world. One of the best converts I have ever been to. Her entrance was fab and opening song was hello! Lots of bants in between sets and a couple even got engaged and Adele brought them up on stage. She worked the room/stage so people could take selfies! Her voice was incredible, send chills down your spine. I wish I could see her again tonight! If you can get your hands on some tickets go go go. You will not be disappointed. Rumour has it that you will be rolling in the deep. ☺️