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Time Out says

If the Afropunk festival was a person, it’d probably be Solange Knowles: youthful, gorgeous, fearless and just a little bit weird. It’s also one of a kind, and that that’s why this increasingly revered music festival – which began in 2003 as a cosy gathering in Brooklyn to celebrate the black punk scene – has spread its wings, broadened its ethos (less ‘punk rock’, more ‘power to the people’), roped in more heavyweight acts and gone global. The festival in London last year and returns to the city with an awesome line-up.

Musical offerings aside, the festival will host a bunch of foodie pop-ups, art stalls and exhibitions, all in the name of non-conformity and self-expression. Even if the art doesn’t impress you, the fashionistas that this event attracts will – expect septum rings, colourful get-ups and towering headwraps that would put Erykah Badu to shame. If you fancy an eclectic fest where you’re free to just do you, then get ready, people: we predict a riot.

Written by
Matilda Egere-Cooper


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