Belle Epoque

Music, Dance and electronic
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Dance with the green fairy at this new absinthe-doused soirée as Shoreditch Studios is transformed into a Montmarte music hall. Warm up with the absinthe-tasting classes (de rigueur in the nineteeth century, darling), which will guide you through old sugar cube and fire techniques and there'll be Baudelaire-and-Wilde-inspired antics throughout the night as circus freaks and cabaret acts, live bands and DJs make like a debauched, nineteenth century Parisian salon. DC: 'Choleric Courtesan or Tortured Artist'. Men should emulate Toulouse Lautrec's diminutive style and cultivate the 'starving in a garret' look, or Parisian bourgeoisie, while ladies should go for big hair, corsets, feathers and risqué hemline.