Elgar Study Day

Learn about Edward Elgar the man and his music in an in-depth study day, hosted by Richard Wigmore. The history and background from Richard, focussing on the Cello Concerto, is supplemented by two more Elgar experts.

Lewis Foreman presents 'Elgar and the Dramatic Imperative: EE dreaming of the theatre in the Concert Room'.

Then, Iain Farrington explores 'Elgar and the Piano', with demonstrations from Elgar's piano works, an insight into the way that Elgar himself composed at the piano and Iain's own arrangement of Concert Allegro, which will be performed in Elgar Explored: Serenade for Strings & Cello Concerto the same evening.

(Lunch is not included. Curated by Wye Valley Chamber Music Festival, whose director is Daniel Tong.)


Event phone: 020 7520 1490
Event website: http://www.kingsplace.co.uk