John Cale: Transmissions from The Drone Orchestra

Music, Jazz
John Cale: Transmissions from The Drone Orchestra
© Piper Ferguson

If you make a link between drones and music, you're probably thinking of either bagpipes or Sunn O))). John Cale's done plenty of work with musical drones, both with his viola during his time with The Velvet Underground and in his long and boundary-pushing solo career. But here he's taking things to another level by teaming up with 'speculative architect' Liam Young, the proud owner of a collection of robotic flying drones. They'll be deployed at this special show to zoom around the auditorium, generating sounds and visual flight patterns as Cale and his band perform selections from his discography in a performance called 'Loop >> 60Hz', as part of the final weekend of the Barbican's 'Digital Revolution' exhibition. Far from a gimmick, this should be a fascinating and (that often misused word) immersive performance. Book well in advance.


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