Matthew Shipp/Ivo Perelman

Music, Jazz

Iconoclastic free jazz pianist Shipp performs with Brazilian improv saxist Perelman. Perelman is a big cheese on the New York improv scene, more in the Albert Ayler-ish acoustic tradition than John Zorn's no-wavers. His work with Rashied Ali, Borah Borgman and Joe Morris shows him getting some amazing sounds out of his instrument and he's able to transmit an astonishing energy live, always playing for the moment in a freewheeling, scattergun style, while Shipp's collaborated with the likes of Anti-Pop Consortium, Spring Heel Jack, DJ Spooky and Patti Smith, and is a hugely imaginative improvisor who draws on the rich heritage of Andrew Hill and Cecil Taylor while sounding like no one but himself. Get down early to hear these two improv masters perform together.


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