Nick Pynn/Kate Daisy Grant

Music, Folk, country and blues Free

Be careful not to trip over any violins, guitars, bazoukis, dulcimers, stylophones, toy pianos, or for that matter effects and loop pedals, when you arrive for this free lunchtime gig. And don't drink the water in those glasses, that's musical too. Brighton-based musician Pynn has always been a maverick one-man orchestra, as treasured by alternative comedians as by folkies. But since hooking up with quirk-pop songstress Kate Daisy Grant things have got even more playful, as the pair demonstrate their proficiency on an incredible number of instruments, and non-instruments, alike. A hit on the Edinburgh Fringe, their shows are a combination of avant-folk and experi-pop, presented with warmth, wit and something a bit like magic.


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