Passing Clouds

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It looks low-key from the outside, and in some senses it is, but the variety of music and events on offer at this tiny, tucked-away Dalston venue can make it feel like a whole different world at times. There's a strong sense of community and a 'for the people, by the people' ethos embedded deep within Passing Clouds, and this is reflected in its culturally minded programme of mainly live music, which happily flits between global beats, roots and reggae, electro, jazz, swing, rock and hip hop, in addition to film screenings, talks and spoken word nights – as varied as the tastes of Dalston's own residents, you might say. The décor is stripped-down, scruffy charm with a good slug of tropical, and a friendly vibe to boot.


Venue name: Passing Clouds
Address: 1 Richmond Rd
E8 4AA
Transport: Rail: Dalston Junction Overground
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this is an amazing place to enjoy awesome tunes and vibes , mingle , and have unforgettable nights with friends on a different level. As a regular visitor to Passing clouds for years , this is a great place full of interesting people. for people complaining :That's how things are in most of London venues, and Passing Clouds is no exception , bars close around midnight and parties usually last until 2.Also yes things can be stolen, but that's rule no.1 for a night out, don't leave your valuables unattended. It is nothing specific to passing clouds, just bad luck.  

Keep up the amazing work Passing clouds! 


Great hippie art café slash community centre, a perfect place for both lazy Sunday afternoon and for Saturday night. The variety of things happening there is impressive, from swing to reggae nights, so everyone can find something for themselves. Plus it’s a great place for non-meat eaters as they only began and vegetarian organic food.

I went there for a friend’s birthday bash recently and for the first 2 hours it was fantastic: great music, great vibe, interesting beers to try (The honey Hiver is absolutely a must!). We’ve had a table booked for the whole night, so what was our surprise when one of the bouncers approached us in the queue to the loo (!) almost begging and apologizing that they double booked and if we can leave the table for a bottle of prosecco. At that point we wanted to see the live bands downstairs and weren’t sure how we gonna do that without losing the table, so it wasn’t the end of the world, but anyway, that wasn’t very nice of them, they knew it was someone’s birthday! Not to mention that they gave us the bottle without a single glass, while for the new glammed up group that took over they were running around as if it was a queen of England herself. 

End in end , the night was fun, with the DJ playing a lot of great jazzed up world music tunes. The only thing was that there were too many people, but maybe I’m just getting old.

Make sure you get early enough so you don’t have to pay for the entry and you can actually can get in as it gets pretty busy later at night and the queue can be long.


There is something about Passing Clouds that makes it memorable and makes you want to keep going back. It's an curious venue with a hippy vibe and a stage and small bar downstairs and an a chill out area upstairs with a tiny stage and lots of chill out space. It is also the venue of choice for many creative outfits with live music at the core. It's popular so arrive early, but if you're early enough to get in, you're likely in for a treat.


This place feels like a cross between a psychedelic labyrinth and your nan's living room.  You could be mistaken for thinking you had walked into an underground Berlin nightclub from the open minded crowd and house party vibes.  In contrast though the atmosphere is warm and friendly.  The night I went boasted a reggae band downstairs and 90s R&B music upstairs catering for both ends of the musical spectrum.  On a lesser note, the toilets are terrible, the door staff rude, and it's overpriced door entry.  Go once though, with an open mind, and tick it off your London list. 

Had a very very very great NYE last year here – great feeling, great people. Funny combination of music from reagge to hardcore dub – worked out indeed. Great gig!

What an incredible place!!! Great music, best staff ever and sooooo much fun!!

I love Passing Clouds. Spent my last birthday there and intend to spend my next one there.

Great place, but they are going through a thievery epidemic currently and not taking it seriously, bar a few signs in the toilets. My phone was nicked last night from a closed bag with my coat tied around it, as were two other girls within a meter of where I was standing. I am sure many more ppl had it happen to them too, that I wasn't aware of. The staff frankly did nothing about it, even though whoever was doing it was slashing bags with a knife. They refused to check people as they left which is all we asked. Poor management and dismissive staff ruined the place for me yesterday. I was offered free entry anytime I want to go in in apology, but frankly how could I suggest to my friends going there now knowing how bad things are and how little anyone running the place cares?

I went to passing clouds about a year ago and loved it, so much im arranging to go there as a birthday night out soon. Can anyone advise of a good pub/bar to start off in before and a good meeting spot? tHANKS!!

Nice 1 Passing Cloudz crew. NYE was F A T. Bless up all u good people. Keep up the hard work. Nuff luv.

Yes people! Looking for a ride from Manchester to Passing Clouds this Sat to catch the 2012 NYE Party - anyone driving? Can swap for good stories and good music. Last year was off the hook.

I went with a group of friends to a live music night on Sunday 28th August. We arrived sometime after midnight, joined the queue to enter, and all paid £5 entry. Once inside we went to buy a drink and were told that the bar was closed since they were only licensed until midnight. 10 minutes later the night ended and security began asking everyone to leave. So for our £5 we were allowed to stay for 10 minutes and could not buy any drinks. I don't recall anyone being told the night was about to end when they readily accepted our cash. When we left my girlfriend was adamant that she would get her money back, however she was far from the only person attempting to do so. It became apparent that they had taken money from a significant number of people under the auspices that the night was going to continue, when they had every intention of closing the venue. The guy on the door refused refunds to everyone affected and stated we would have to take it up with 'management' (whoever they are - isn't it run by a group of artists?), because he was not 'authorised'. In other words the usual deferring to a higher authority BS. The reason Passing Clouds attracts people is because it is seen to be different from the usual corporate venues. I was disappointed to learn that Passing Clouds do not live up to the radical ideals they claim to be proponents of.